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5 Tips to Get the Royalcore Look in Your Garden

The arrival of Bridgerton on our screens reinvigorated interest in Regency aesthetics. The Royalcore trend bloomed everywhere, with many of us clamouring to bring a touch of royal luxury to our décor.


  • ‘Royalcore’ receives 250.9 million views on TikTok - 6.5 million in 2022 alone
  • ‘Regencycore’ receives 17.2 million views - up half a million in 2022
  • Instagrammers have snapped 47.5k #royalcore pictures
  • Google searches for ‘royal garden’ are up by 394% since the end of December 2021

With the Queen’s Jubilee and a new season of Bridgerton just around the corner, 2022 is set to be the biggest year for the trend yet.

Whether you’re a period drama aficionado or simply appreciate the finer things in life, Royalcore is an indulgent aesthetic that has continued to inspire interiors and garden design across the UK.

What better time to start thinking about how you can invite the Royalcore trend into your garden? Our resident Gardening Expert, Evie Lane, reveals her top tips to get the look.

What is Royalcore?

Aesthetics Wiki defines Royalcore as ‘based on the visuals of West European royalty, ranging from Arthurian times (5th and 6th centuries) to the Belle Époque period (late 19th century).’

‘Visually, this aesthetic focuses on castle structure and the surrounding grounds, including knight training arenas and gardens.’

This doesn’t mean that you need a castle with large grounds to enjoy the Royalcore trend – at its core, it’s about indulgence and inviting luxury into the otherwise ordinary.

Five tips to get the Royalcore look in your garden

Evie says, ‘Adopting Royalcore into your garden doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need are a few key pieces that give the effect of luxury and opulence associated with the Royalcore trend. It’s all about being indulgent and over the top, so one or more of these Royalcore elements is sure to help you enjoy the trend, no matter the size of your garden.’

1. Make a statement with a plant-covered pergola

Whether for shade or simply for decoration, a pergola is a great investment for your Royalcore inspired garden. A pergola is perfect for adding a luxurious focal point and makes a grand statement in any outdoor space. They’re also ideal for hosting Royalcore activities like a garden tea party.

Evie adds, ‘If you’re going for decor, place your pergola in the centre of your garden and choose climbing plants that bloom big and beautiful throughout the year to make the most of it. If you’re aiming to create shade, move it towards the back of your garden to maximise shade but keep symmetry.’

2. Experiment with topiary shrubs

If you have an artistic streak, topiary may be an appealing choice for your Royalcore garden. Landscape your garden using topiary shrubs in a symmetrical pattern then get as creative as you want with the fantastical creations you want to see!

‘Topiary doesn’t need to be complicated,’ says Evie. ‘Simple shapes often work best and require much less maintenance. Boxes, cones and spheres all make for impressive topiary designs – but by all means be as experimental as you like! After all, Royalcore is about being as fantastic and impressive as possible.’

3. Combine traditional statues with modern sculptures

A recurring feature of Royalcore garden styles is sculptures and statues. Many Royalcore statues depict mythological characters and creatures. If you want a more modern style, add copper sculptures or a burnished gold wind spinner beside a traditional statue to suit a more contemporary Royalcore aesthetic.

Evie adds, ‘Gardens were another great place for the rich and royal to show off their fantastic art collections, so why not do the same by choosing a few pieces that show off your personality and unique style?’

4. Plant strongly-scented purple flowers like amethyst wisteria and lavender

Strongly-scented purple blooms are a classic feature in British royal gardens and there are plenty of flowers which you can plant to recreate the Royalcore look

Our internal search data showed that following the introduction of Bridgerton and the Royalcore trend, interest in plants seen on the show increased dramatically.

‘To keep your garden in full bloom and sweetly-scented for as long as possible, pay attention to the blooming seasons of each of the flowers you select,’ says Evie. ‘Choose a selection that blooms in the earliest months and latest months to extend your enjoyment throughout the year.’

5. Create a soothing, symmetrical space with water features

The Royalcore trend is about creating an experience in your garden, from the sights to the smells to the sounds. Create a tranquil space with a water feature that makes a grand statement while emitting the soothing sound of gently-trickling water.

Symmetry is another key feature in Royalcore landscaping, which you can create with your centralised water feature, or even a few symmetrical features.

Evie adds, ‘To keep that symmetrical balance, you could use a large fountain as a centrepiece, or you could choose a selection of smaller features such as bowls and jugs to mirror each other around the garden.’

Our five favourite UK Royalcore garden spots

Still looking for inspiration? See the trend for yourself at some of our favourite famous Royalcore spots around the UK.

1. https://www.castlehoward.co.uk/, York, North Yorkshire

Thanks to Bridgerton, Castle Howard has quickly become one of the most popular gardens to visit in the UK. Fans of the Netflix show are sure to recognise the castle and its beautiful gardens which are a perfect example of the Royalcore aesthetic.

2. Highgrove Gardens, Gloucestershire

Home to their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, Highgrove Gardens are open to the public throughout the summer and feature a range of unique gardens for you to walk through and soak up inspiration from.

3. Buckingham Palace Garden, London

Bursting with history and a busy calendar of royal events, Buckingham Palace Gardens are often described as an oasis in the middle of London. While it grows far wilder than the usual Royalcore aesthetic influences, it’s a must-see British garden. But you'll have to plan ahead - they're only open at certain times of the year!

4. Mottisfont Gardens, Hampshire

The walled garden at Mottisfont Gardens in Hampshire is a fine example of Royalcore at work. Impeccably designed and maintained, you can find it packed with fragrant roses in the summer and blooming with colour in the autumn. It's part of the National Trust, so if you're a member admission's free

5. Wentworth Castle Gardens, Barnsley, North Yorkshire

Once known as the finest garden in England, Wentworth Castle Gardens is home to beautiful gardens and parkland bursting with inspiration for your very own Royalcore efforts. It's also part of the National Trust, so that's two ways you can explore your royalcore ambitions as a member.

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