Russet Apple Trees

Highly popular with hobbyists, Russet apples are distinct for their rough, brownish, skin with a taste oft described as sweet and nutty. Many cultivars are extremely old such as Ashmead's Kernel, originating from the 1700s, which was one of the only cultivars to thrive in the North American climate during the early years of colonisation. As russets are old they can be challenging to grow, taking years to come to fruit (Kernel) or bearing biennially as with the Pitmaston. This makes many fruits hard to find, but adds to their appeal, and you can be proud to show your friends apples they won't find anywhere else. Many russets possess unique flavours with hints of pear drops and even pineapple, and they are great as part of a salad. More modern cultivars include the Herefordshire Russet with a strong Cox-like flavour.

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