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Portable Kits

Portable Sail Shade Kits

Put your shade sail up wherever you like with our portable frames and kits. Our kits contain everything you need to successfully set up your shade sail wherever you like. Make sitting in your garden as enjoyable as possible with our portable shade sails. If you have a sunny garden, it may be difficult to find shade when you need it. With our shade sails, you can effectively shade any spot in your garden, whether it’s the patio where you’re dining or a grassy area where the children are playing. Order yours from Primrose today and make finding a shady spot in your garden easy.

For a wealth of expertise and inspiration, visit our shade sail ideas and advice hub.

Set Descending Direction

3 Items

Set Descending Direction

3 Items

How to Install a Sail Shade

Get the best from your sail with the correct installation for your space. Follow our sail shade installation guide for our recommendations of how to install your shade sail.

Sail Shade Comparison Guide

If you're not sure which sail shade may be best for your garden, have a look at our sail shade comparison guide to find out the differences between our Kookaburra sail shades.

Portable Sail Shade Kits FAQs

  • Why do I need a portable sun sail shade?

    Our portable sun shades create shade in your garden, helping to block some of the sun’s UV rays from reaching your skin. Not only do they provide a break from the sunshine, many of our kits can be used as windbreakers on blustery days.

    Because they’re portable, you can move the shade sails around with ease and adjust the angle they’re at as the sun moves. You don’t even have to use them in your own garden; take them along to a picnic in the park or your next camping trip and enjoy all of the benefits away from home.

    Buy your portable shade sail online today. For more options for shading your garden, take a look at our range of gazebos and verandas. You can also shop our complete collection of sail shades and get great prices with Primrose.

  • What types of portable shade sail kits are there?

    Our range includes a variety of portable shade sail kits, which is everything you need to successfully set up your sail. We have options with sturdy frames, which are a good choice for windier locations, as well as sails that can be fixed to the ground using rope.

    Our kits are available in a selection of sizes so you can have as much or as little shade as you need.

  • How deep do posts need to be for sail shades?

    Footings for posts for sail shades up to 16ft 5 inches should be 400mm (15.8 inches) square and 800mm (31.5 inches) deep. For larger sizes, this should ideally be 400mm x 1200mm (15.8 inches x 47.2 inches). For more information, see our shade sail installation guide