Satalite™ 18W Glue Board Fly Killer

Code: SP3024
Satalite™ 18W Glue Board Fly Killer
Satalite™ 18W Glue Board Fly Killer

Developed as a contemporary and discreet solution for insect control, Satalite™ is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other front of house applications. Satalite™ is proven to be more effective than standard decorative flykillers and incorporates patented technology which ensures all of the glueboard is fully utilised. The glueboard is positioned equidistantly from the tube ensuring there are no areas of glue too far from the tube to be effective. Available as either a 18W or 30W unit, Satalite™ can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.



Height 30cm(1ft) x Width 31.7cm (1ft ?in) x Depth 13.5cm (5?in)

Weight x 2kg

Material: Aluminium


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