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Scented Climbing Plant Collection | Jasmine and Honeysuckle Mix | 3 x 3L Pots

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A hand-picked selection of climbing parts, each boasting wonderfully fragrant blooms!

With each variety thoughtfully chosen by our trusted growers, our scented climbing plant is a must-have for those with an appreciation of beautiful fragrances. Whether you find yourself relishing the sensuous fragrance of Jasmine, or like the idea of Honeysuckle's sweet aroma dispersing around your summer garden, this collection will not disappoint!

These varieties don't merely offer gorgeous scents, but will importantly provide their lasting, flowering displays from as early as April time too (and right through to late autumn).

Please note, while five varieties are detailed below, this mix will include three of those at random.

  • Grown by a Long-Established Nursery
  • Beautifully Fragrant Flowers
  • Perfect for Trellises and Arches
  • Delivered in Secure Packaging

Lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, your climbing plants will be delivered right to your doorstep. This approach means that you will receive nursery fresh plants that were on the growing table one day, and at your door the following! Our expert nursery have spent decades perfecting the art of watering, feeding, and pruning climbing plants and will do so until hours before they are packed.

Each plant has been grown on a cane and is later expertly packaged into a specially designed, extra thick cardboard box. They will then be sent via a delicate courier network to prevent any chance of damage in transit.

Unlike many of our climbing plant offerings, this is a collection of differing varieties, so we have broken down their specific care information below:

  • Honeysuckle : Honeysuckle plants are wonderful for the beginner gardener and are suitable for growing in the UK. They appreciate full sun, but will be fine in partial shade.
  • Jasmine: The varieties of Jasmine we stock are native to colder environments, so they will be fully hardy in UK weather. Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine) will flower even in partially shaded, cold sites, while Trachelospermum jasminoides and other species of Jasmine benefits from full sun, but will cope in dappled shade.

The key is to regularly water newly-planted plants, at least bimonthly for two months. It is also important to ensure adequate spacing between bushes, which is determined by a rose's eventual height and spread.

Bare root and containerised plants have differing planting requirements. With bare root, it is important to soak the roots in water for up to two hours before planting, and with containerised plants, you should drench their rootball. For bare root plants, it is also beneficial to prune any woody roots back a few inches, and if you have a containerised plant, you should free any spiralized roots that are growing around the rootball's circumference. When planting, bare root plants need a graft point that is above the soil, but for containerised plants, it is better to have their pot sitting no less than an inch below the ground.

Bare root and containerised plants also share some of their planting needs; dig a hole twice the radius of the rootball, and fill the hole with a mix of compost and garden soil. After this, add fertiliser and mycorrhizal fungi. After providing a generous watering, you can finish with a later of mulch, but keep it from touching your plant's stems.

Apply fertiliser and replace decomposed mulch come spring. Collect fallen leaves in autumn.

More Information
Deciduous Or Evergreen Evergreen
Features Scented Climbing Plants
Flower Colour Pink, White, Yellow
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type Honeysuckle, Jasmine
Eventual Height 4m-8m, 8m-12m
Foliage Colour Green
Supplied As 3L Pot
Supplied As 2L-3L Pot
Type Climbing Plants
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