Scrumptious Apple Trees

Scrumptious was the first apple in twelve years to be awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2010. Lauded as an exceptional early-season cultivar, it possesses all the hallmarks of a great apple tree as a reliable producer of high quality fruits.

A cross between Golden Delicious and Discovery, Scrumptious' apples are brilliantly colourful - red with a hint of russet, while its flavour is aromatic and sweet with an indication of strawberry. Easy to grow and great as your first apple tree, it is relatively disease free, self-fertile with the blossom resistant to frost.

Interestingly, Scrumptious was developed by the late Hugh Ermen, an amatuer apple breeder who have given us such favourites as Red Devil and Herefordshire Russet, whose breeding work took place in a small plot of land with 500 apples cultivated as vertical cordons.

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