Seasonal Bee Nesting House

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Seasonal Bee Nesting House
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Seasonal Bee Nesting House
Help the conservation of native bees by hanging this bee house in your garden, just sit back and watch the bees in action. This bee nester provides the perfect place for female bees to lay their eggs, and helps support a strong bee population that will help your garden thrive.

The nester should be hung in a sheltered spot in your garden. A good spot should have nectar plants and a water source nearby. Once your nester is filled use the perforated lid as a predator guard to protect the open ends of the card nesting tubes over winter.

  • Built in woodpecker and predator guard
  • Ready to hang
  • Insulated bee tubes
  • Card tubes can be replaced to extend nester life
  • Perfect size for Mason, Orchard & Leafcutter Bees


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