Silver Bucket Water Garden with Fountain

Code: WF11088
Silver Bucket Water Garden with Fountain
Pump power600 LPH
Height20 cm( 7.9 in )
Width50 cm( 1 ft 7 in )
Length50 cm( 1 ft 7 in )
Silver Bucket Water Garden with Fountain

This rustic bucket design water garden is a compact, no-hassle solution for those who lack the room for a fully established pond. Perfect for patios, small gardens or even balconies these water gardens can fit stylishly into almost any environment. The included water feature pump ensures constant movement of the water which keeps it oxygenated, preventing odours and can keeping the water clear.

This planter comes in silver and is made from zinc.

Unsure of which plants to put in your Water Garden? See the list below for a variety of pond plants perfect for these features.

Optional Extras
  • 1L Water Plantain Alisma plantago-aquaticum - Cut Back
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  • 1L Grey Club-Rush 'Zebrinus' Schoenoplectus Lacustris 'Zebrinus'
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  • 1L Marsh Marigold Caltha Palustris
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  • Water Butterfly Wings Salvinia Natans Pack of 10
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  • 1L Green Rush - Juncus ensifolius
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  • Shell Flower (Water Lettuce) Pistia stratiotes Pack 10
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  • 1L Pickerel Weed - Pontederia Cordata
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What’s in the box

  • Zinc bucket-style planter in silver

  • 600 l/h Water Feature Pump

  • Plant steps

  • 2x Planting baskets

  • Planting Scheme


Length: 50cm (1ft 8in) x Width: 50cm (1ft 8in) x Height: 20cm (8in)


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