Smart Garden Ceramic Solar Owl Windchime Light

Code: LG1432
Smart Garden Ceramic Solar Owl Windchime Light

This gorgeous ceramic snowy owl is a fantastic decorative garden ornament, and is also a windchime, filling your outdoor spaces with the soothing sound of gently pealing chimes. At night, the owl lights up with pale red light, adding a gorgeous visual effect to any garden focal point.


  • Integrated solar panel - solar panel makes these lights environmentally friendly and cheap to run
  • Stylish ceramic owl design - charming ceramic owl has been expertly crafted to watch over your garden
  • Brilliant pink LED - perfect for decorating cherished garden features, the LED lights inside the globes change colour
  • Dual function - emitting both gentle relaxing rose coloured light and soothing chimes, this ornament is a joy to see or hear

  • Owl Height 13cm (5¼in)
  • Width 12.5m (5in)
  • Depth 12cm (4¾in)

With integrated solar panels, this lovely owl is very environmentally friendly as well as being friendly to your wallet. This means you don't have to worry about wiring this light and windchime to the mains power, or replacing expensive batteries. Ideal for decorating pergolas and trees, this beautiful garden ornament will create a tranquil atmosphere in your garden and accentuate its natural charm.


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