Smart Garden Motion Activated PIR Solar Security Light

Code: LG1445
Smart Garden Motion Activated PIR Solar Security Light

For added safety and security when returning home late at night, this solar powered security light will activate when it detects movement. The detection range is large, meaning you can feel safe and secure as you approach your home during the evening.


  • Attached solar panel - solar panel makes this security light environmentally friendly and free to run
  • Large detection range - 5m to 12m detection range means it'll detect you approaching sooner, bathing the area in bright light
  • 2 different modes - light can either be used in conjunction with the motion sensor, or set to continuously shine if you're working outside at night
  • Motion activated - the passive infra-red (PIR) technology ensures that the security light activates when any motion is detected within 5-12m


  • Height 12cm (4¾in)
  • Width 26cm (10¼in)
  • In PIR mode, light runs for 90 second cycles

Thanks to the attached solar panel, this practical Motion Activated PIR Security Light is free to run, simply install where you need it, position the solar panel in sunlight, and leave it to charge. This means that you don't need to worry about wiring it to the mains, or replacing expensive batteries when they run out of power at an awkward moment, simply leave this ornament in the sun and you're guaranteed to have bright reliable light at your porch or doorway.


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