Smart Solar Ultra Super Bright Garden Solar Powered Spotlights - Set of 2

Code: LG1517
Smart Solar Ultra Super Bright Garden Solar Powered Spotlights - Set of 2
  • Utilises solar power - These super bright spotlights harness energy from the sun which makes them both environmentally friendly and free to run. This means that these lights can simply be placed in your grass and can begin charging as soon as the panels have daylight falling on them.
  • Built in light sensor - These lights automatically illuminate at dusk, meaning that no input is required as they can simply run off the stored solar power, automatically turning off during the day to begin charging again for the night ahead.
  • Security at night - The Super Bright LEDs have a 30 lumens output and so will be sure to provide you with extra security. These spotlights are ideal for flanking pathways as they can simply be pushed into soft ground. Furthermore, due to the fact that they do not require switching on and off, you have the added bonus of peace of mind whilst you are away from home.
  • Stainless steel construction - These Mega Spotlights are created using stainless steel which results in them being non-corrosive and rust resistant meaning that they can be relied on to last all year round.

  • Height: 36cm (14in)
  • Width: 13cm (5in)
  • Due to utilising solar power, these modern spotlights are cordless so are easy to move around at a moments notice. This makes them extremely versatile as there is no need to worry about expensive batteries, connecting to mains power or having wires running across your garden, you can simply place these stake lights anywhere with a soft surface that they can be pushed into.

    The Super Bright Spotlights have an easily adjustable head and so can be repositioned to illuminate your desired area, be it a beautiful border of flowers, your favourite garden feature or areas of your house for security purposes.

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