Solanum jasminoides laxum 'Album' | White Potato Vine | 3L Pot

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Solanum jasminoides laxum 'Album' | White Potato Vine | 3L Pot

A White Potato Vine producing fragrant star-like blooms from June to September

Commonly known as the White Potato Vine, Solanum laxum 'Album' will bear white, star-like flowers with prominent yellow centres. A Jasmine scented climber, 'Album' will happily adorn a more sheltered wall with its trailing display of white fragrant blooms and velvety leaves. It can also be used to accompany other climbing plants or shrubs. Please note, this plant is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.

Variety Information

Flowering Period June to September
Flower Colour White
Scented? Yes
Preferred location Full sun

Size Information

Supplied As 3L Pot
Approx Height on Arrival The size of your plant can be affected by various factors such as weather conditions and their specific variety. However with the correct care, they will able to reach their eventual height and spread, detailed below. 50 - 90cm
Growth Rate Average
Eventual Height and Spread Your plant's eventual size will depend on both environmental and genetic conditions. 6m x 6m

As we recommend with all plants, it is key to regularly water newly planted plants in the months after planting.

Jasmine plants are extremely versatile and can even be grown as part of hedge or as a ground cover plant.

Trachelospermum jasminoides is a self-clinging, twining climber that benefits from supports. Young stems will need to be tied in, until it is able to climb.

Jasminum officinale, beesianum and stephanense will need to be tied in.

Jasminum nudiflorum has not a true climbing plant, but instead clambers over objects. Tying it to canes will allow it to make faster progress upwards.

When planting, dig a hole twice the circumference of the pot. Ensure the pot sits roughly level with the soil, with the graft point above the soil. Infill, the remaining space with a mix of compost and garden soil, but do not compress the soil.

In terms of care, watering is important especially during the summer months. They will need a thorough watering twice weekly during dry spells.

Trachelospermum jasminoides produces on older wood, while Jasminum produces on last year's growth. Both need minimal maintenance. All Jasminum should be tidied in after flowering, which is spring for nudiflorum, late summer/early autumn for everything else. Old Jasminum nudiflorum can be rejuvenated by cutting away top growth and letting young shoots take over.

Lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, your climbing plant will be delivered right to your doorstep. This approach means that you will receive nursery fresh plants that were on the growing table one day, and at your door the following! Our expert nursery have spent decades perfecting the art of watering, feeding, and pruning climbing plants and will do so until hours before they are packed.

Each plant has been grown on a cane and is later expertly packaged into a specially designed, extra thick cardboard box. They will then be sent via a delicate courier network to prevent any chance of damage in transit.

Please note, while the plants (detailed on the right), are our Lonicera varieties, they are a good indication of the quality you can expect to receive.

Below we address some common queries surrounding your White Potato Vine's care:

  • Position: Solanum laxum will appreciate a sunny, sheltered site, ideally situated in full sun.
  • Soil Types: Plant your Solanum laxum in soil that is moist, but well-drained.
  • Hardiness: This variety is considered as half-hardy, which means it is tender. If you are growing it in a pot, you can bring it indoors for the cooler months.
Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase

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