Solar Blind [Baltic] (1.01m² - 1.25m²)

Code: SBB003
Solar Blind [Baltic] (1.01m² - 1.25m²)
Stylish, state of the art window blinds designed to keep out harmful rays from the sun, whilst still allowing you to see outside and enjoy the view. The room will still be flooded with natural daylight.

Made from technical sun screen film – ultra-transparent polyester with a metallic finish and a reflective backing, they are designed to reject up to 97% of the sun’s rays, either by reflection or absorption. They also have a scratch resistant coating.

Use in the home or in the office to:
  • cut-out glare on your computer or television;
  • protect your furniture from fading by absorbing UV;
  • keep the room cooler and save money on air conditioning in summer;
  • insulate the room by reflecting heat back into it in winter – they can reduce heat loss by up to 30%;
  • block out harmful UV rays - 99% of UV rays will be blocked by the blinds;
  • provide privacy without ruining the view – just like a one way mirror.

Our blinds are easy to install, requiring a drill to drill holes for the brackets and a screwdriver.
They come with full fitting instructions.

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