Solar Cat Deterrents

Economical and easy to use, our solar-powered cat deterrents need to be placed in the sunny spot of the garden and will work to rid your garden of pests indefinitely. Fitted with a motion sensor, the device will only activate when the motion sensor is triggered, maximising its battery life.

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Pest Control Cat Deterrents
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  • Electronic Cat Repellents
  • Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents
  • Fence & Wall Spikes
  • Cat Repellent Granules, Pellets and Sprays
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  • Battery Powered Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents
  • Mains Powered Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents
  • Solar Cat Deterrents
  • Non-Electronic
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  • Pestbye
  • STV
  • Silent Roar
  • Catwatch