Reduce Glare Reduce heat transfer

Solar, Glare and heat control

- How do I choose the correct film for heat and glare reduction?

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These films will reduce glare, making it easier to see the TV or the computer screen.
In addition they will reduce heat gain during summer and reduce heat loss during winter, thereby reducing fuel bills and making the environment more comfortable.

Choose between mirrored film and tinted film. Mirrored film has a mirrored back so that people cannot look in from the outside during the day. You can still see out - it is effectively a one way mirror. It is often used in offices and other commercial buildings where privacy is desirable. Tinted film allows two way vision into and out of the building.

Most films fit to the inside of the window. However if your glass is not suitable for these internal film, it should still be suitable for an external film. See our Glass Compatibility Table for more information.

To see which film is most suitable for your glass and requirements, have a look at our Range at a glance table

All films cut out 99% of UV
Sold in 1m length strips with a variety of widths

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  • Privacy
  • See out not in (mirrored)
  • Solar Glare and Heat
  • Anti UV
  • Anti shatter & safety
  • Conservatory
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