Solar Mole Deterrents

Our solar powered ultrasonic deterrents work to emit a low-frequency vibration into the soil. This vibration warns off the animal from the area as they confuse it with a predator. Powered by solar panels, the deterrents use the energy from the sun’s rays to power the device. Our repellers will store enough solar power to run through the night. However, we include optional rechargeable battery packs to ensure consistent use in darker seasons.

ultrasonic mole repellents
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Mole Deterrent
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  • Electronic Repellents
  • Mole Repellent Bulbs & Granules
  • Mole Traps
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  • No Human Contact Guarantee
  • Battery Operated Mole Deterrents
  • Solar Mole Deterrents
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  • Pestbye
  • Defenders
  • Sork