Sphere water feature

Code: WF0469
Sphere water feature
Lights TypeLED
Diameter100 cm( 3 ft 3 in )
A pretty, solid granite feature with integral light shining through the centre. Stone and water are important elements and no garden, traditional or modern, is complete without the sound of water gently cascading over stone. Combine water with light at night and the effect is magical.

As well as the light, our feature comes complete with reservoir, pump and hose. Water is pumped from the reservoir up the middle of the feature and then runs gently down over the sides, to be collected again by the reservoir. The reservoir will need to be topped up about once every two months, depending on usage – this is very easy to do. The feature includes 10m of cable for both the pump and light and requires two power supplies; it is easy to install. The light is low voltage and runs through a transformer and the pump is high voltage so is recommended to run through a circuit breaker for extra safety.

Available in three sizes and three finishes.

Small ball - Diameter 25cm - Reservoir Diameter 65cm, Pump 1000 l/h
Medium ball - Diameter 35cm - Reservoir Diameter 65cm, Pump 1000 l/h
Large ball - Diameter 40m - Reservoir Diameter 100cm, Pump 2500 l/h


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