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Spider Catcher

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Spider Catcher - Pink

Remove pesky critters from your home and release them outside without doing them any harm whatsoever. This humane product doesn't equate a dislike of spiders with a desire to kill them. Its bristles gently entrap the spider from a safe distance, just pull the trigger to open and close them. The trigger is 65cm away from the bristles, therefore allowing you to reach up to ceilings and into corners.

This product can catch spiders and daddy long legs from 2mm in length up to 25mm. It can catch other insects such as ants, beetles, etc. To catch butterflies, moths, wasps, bees and flies, simply sweep them from the side when they are trapped on your window. The flexibility of the Spider Catcher enables you to reach into tight corners and under furniture, and there is no longer a need to stand on chairs to reach up to the ceiling.

Catch insects from 2mm in length up to 25mm.


  • Bristles - a friendly and safe way to trap the spider without harming it
  • 65cm body - keep a safe distance, access hard to reach places
  • Catch critters from 2mm up to 25mm - remove a variety of critters
  • Trigger handle - open and close the bristles with an easy and simple operation


  • Length: 65cm (25¼in)
  • Width: 15cm (6in)