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Spring Preparation

Preparing Your Garden For Spring

Spring is nearly upon us, and that means - as always - preparation is key. Get your garden ready now and you'll have a spring garden Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of.

Here we'll keep you up to date with the latest spring gardening preparation tips, with lots of new info, guides and suggestions.

In week four, storms have taken over the national consciousness so we've brought you a little storm prepare/repair guide, but don't forget to check out our video by Ann-Marie Powell. Check below for the top ideas and the products you need to pull it off, or click through to our guides for the full spring prep story!

Top March gardening jobs

1. Mulch and protect

- Get mulch on your soil to prevent the water from evaporating as the sun heats the ground.

2. Start mowing

- You've had a months' long rest, but not it's time to dust off the mower and get cutting once more.

3. Plant Bare Root and Bulbs

- You're running out of time to get that summer colour planned and in before it gets expensive!

4. Protect your plants from pests

- Warmer weather means bugs start to burst forth - and eat your tasty buds and stems. Avoid the ladybirds!

5. Fill your containers

- A reduced risk of frost means you can start getting clever with planters and plugs. You might want to cover overnight though.

Master March with these tools and bits

Get mowing and planting like a pro

Storm preparation (and repair)

Early-year storms can be a nightmare, throwing our freshly-planted bare root trees around and threatening our established ones. Fences can come down and greenhouses take a battering, but it doesn't have to be disastrous.

Stake your trees, re-firm those fences and cover up everything that can be covered to give yourself the best chance. Then after the clouds have passed, survey the damage and mitigate the worst of it. Fences can be replaced, small trees can be righted, and branches can be cleared!

All you need to right your garden

Consider this a storm preparation/clean-up kit

The spring garden Tools every gardener should own

There are a handful of garden tools that every gardener should have in the garden store. We’re not going to get into power tools (useful though they may be) here, but stick to the tried and trusted power-free hand tools that everyone should have come spring.

There are lots of tools out there, a number with special uses and niches, but these you’ll see come up again and again because they’re just so useful. Keep it simple, and you’ll be able to get rolling in spring without any unexpected, last-minute trips to the hardware shop!

Garden tool essentials

The best tools in town for a green and glowing garden!

Preparing a Fruit & Vegetable garden for spring: gardening jobs for February with Ann-Marie Powell

February is a good time to start thinking about preparing your fruit and vegetable garden for Spring. From chitting potatoes to sowing seeds, Ann-Marie talks us through this month's gardening jobs and how she's getting the most from her kitchen garden this year. Watch the video for Ann-Marie's tips and don't forget to subscribe for more PrimroseTV!

Top February gardening jobs

1. Prune your hedges

- Now your hedges are in a dormant state, it's the perfect time to trim them back to your ideal length and height.

2. Start your greenhouse

- Get a jumpstart on spring growth with a greenhouse filled with pots, staging, compost and seeds.

3. Plant Bare Root and Bulbs

- Give your bare root plants time to establish and get them in the ground with your bulbs now.

4. Prepare your lawn

- It's early to start mowing, but you can certainly edge, beautify and clean your lawn now for an enviable spring garden.

5. Feed the birds

- The birds need food as much as we do in winter - focus on suet balls and other fat-filled bird foods.

The kit you'll need to prepare your garden for spring

Here you'll find the top tools and bits you need to make your garden spick and span!

What Spring Bulbs should I plant now?

A lot of bulbs that'll bloom in spring were planted in winter, so now you want to look at bulbs that bloom in summer.

Choose Lilies for amazing colour or fragrances, then plant smaller flowers around for a beautiful border bunch. Dahlias come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit most if not all gardens, and Peonies are a firm spring preparation favourite.

Spring Bulb Bestsellers

These are some of the best bulbs you'll want to plant now for a spring and summer full of colour.

How do I prepare my Greenhouse for spring propagation?

There's a few sprouts starting to show their faces, meaning spring is on the horizon. To get your greenhouse ready, clean it out (and the windows too), replace any broken panels, fill it with shelves and staging, then sow like there's no tomorrow.

A complete greenhouse kit

With each one of these, you'll have a greenhouse to make neighbours green with envy.

How to keep your Pond healthy and clean

The key to healthy ponds is directly linked to how clean they are. Keep oxygen levels high with an aerator, suck out the goop with a vacuum (or take out weeds with a stick), and keep the maintenance stress free with a liberal application of barley flakes. 

The best pond cleaning tools and kit

From easy cleaning to maintenance-free organic pond health.

How to set up a garden irrigation system

A garden irrigation system is a great way to free up some gardening time. Save yourself the trips to the water butt or tap, bucket in hand, or possible excessive use of water with a hose, and go hands-free with your sprinkling this season.

Water your plants in easy style

Shop soaker hoses and complete irrigation systems. And water butts for simple rain reclamation

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