Square Waterproof Garden Plant Pot Mover/Trolley - 29cm (11.4in)

Code: TE0809
Square Waterproof Garden Plant Pot Mover/Trolley - 29cm (11.4in)
  • Easily move heavy potted plants around your garden
  • High moisture resistance - perfect for long-term outdoor use
  • Protect your patios and decking from being damaged or stained by plant pots
  • Reduce frost damage - by improving drainage and air flow

  • Height: 7.2cm (3in)
  • Width: 29cm (11.4in)
  • Length: 29cm (11.4in)

The waterproof properties of this pot trolley means that you can rest assured that you can move planters around your garden throughout the year, without worrying about this pot trolley losing its colour or being damaged by moisture.
This pot trolley not only makes moving and positioning your plants easier but also can help their well-being too. Frost damage will be reduced due to the extra drainage the pot trolley provides, allowing water to more effectively run through plant pot drainage holes in comparison to when plant pots are placed directly onto the ground.


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