Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has become the foremost material used in water feature design. Suitable for both contemporary and classical gardens due to simple shapes and of course the highly polished finish adding depth and light to shaded areas of your garden.

Because of its qualities, stainless steel is manufactured in several different grades each suitable for differing uses.

What is Grade 304?

We only supply features of the highest quality which is why we always use '304 Grade' steel. This is the grade used for hospital surgical equipment, hypodermic needles etc. The grade 304 also contains a high chromium content making it extremely resistant to corrosion.

Sheet thicknesses vary as appropriate to the design, size and shape of the feature.

Can Stainless Steel rust?

Stainless steel is not entirely rust proof. It can rust, but not easily.
Stainless steel is protected by the chromium in the metal, which reacts with oxygen to form a protective layer. This layer can be broken down - e.g. by mechanical damage, or by a powerful cleaning agent.

However, the good news is that the protective layer can be rebuilt by removing the rust and allowing the chromium oxide layer to automatically reform.

Caring For Your Stainless Steel

Ambienté Stainless Steel Cleaner is the perfect solution to all of your stainless steel care needs. With this cleaning agent you can easily maintain the lustre of the stainless steel, allowing the chromium in the alloy to oxidise and form its protective layer and distinctive stainless steel shine.

Stainless steel is an incredible material. Due to the mixture of materials from which it is made, it creates a protective layer around itself 'on demand'. Everything needs a little tlc from time to time, so whether it's algae or limescale, blemishes, or in extremely rare cases patches of corrosion, this cleaner is just what you need to get your garden ornament, planter or water feature sparkling again in no time.

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