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Summer Snowflake Gratiola Officinalis - 1L Pot

Code: PL0792
Summer Snowflake Gratiola Officinalis - 1L PotSummer Snowflake Gratiola Officinalis - 1L Pot
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Summer Snowflake Gratiola Officinalis - 1L PotSummer Snowflake Gratiola Officinalis - 1L Pot
Summer Snowflake Gratiola Officinalis - 1L Pot

Gratiola Officinalis is a marginal perennial which is excellent for forming a clumped cover around pond margins and concealing the edges of pond liners. The leaves grow on opposite sides of rounded stems with masses of dainty white flowers atop short stalks, which contrast beautifully with its bright green foliage. This moisture-loving plant will beautify your water garden and complement the foliage of your other plants.


  • Foliage Colour: dark green
  • Flower Colour: white
  • Current Size: 1L Pot
  • Approx. Growth Height: up to 15cm
  • Max. spread: 50cm
  • Planting Time: spring
  • Flowering Time: summer
  • Uses: zone 1 & 2 of a pond, bog gardens, marshes, ditches, peat bogs, riverbanks, water features, streams, waterfalls
  • Exposure: exposed, sheltered
  • Habit: low rafting, clump-forming, spreading
  • Tolerance: frost hardy
  • Origin: native
  • Hardiness: very hardy
  • Rate of Growth: fast, vigorous
  • Suitable for small, medium and large ponds


  • Light Requirements: full sun, partial sun
  • Moisture: damp ground, shallow water, poorly drained
  • Soil requirements: neutral, acid, alkaline, sand, clay, heavy clay, loam


  • Optimum planting depth: up to 24cm above the crown of the plant
  • Plant spacing: 30-40cm
  • Ideal planting container: minimum 11cm mesh basket per plant

Aquatic and marginal plants should be placed in pond plant baskets filled with aquatic soil (sold separately) and topped with a thin layer of gravel to help prevent the soil from washing away. This plant is suitable for zones 1 & 2 of a pond.

Caring and Maintenance:

This is a very low maintenance plant which requires a well moisturised environment. Propagate by division in spring. Small divisions should be placed on a cold frame until they are well rooted.

Please Note: All parts of the plant are poisonous.

Plants from the Ornamental collection grow naturally in shallow waters and at the edges of ponds. Low growing rafting types have charming flowers and attractive foliage, whilst tall emergent plants add structure and should be planted at the far side of the pond or water feature. There is a wonderful variety of ornamental marginal plants available, with their flowering times ranging from as early as February through to October.

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