Sun Loving Red Pond-in-a-Pot Water Feature 72cm

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Sun Loving Red Pond-in-a-Pot Water Feature 72cm
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Sun Loving Red Pond-in-a-Pot Water Feature 72cm
Sun Loving Red Pond-in-a-Pot Water Feature 72cm

Create a lush water feature complete with sun loving flowers in your garden with no hassle using the Pond in a Pot, coming with everything you need to make your very own pond water feature with no fuss. Simply use the sturdy high gloss fibreglass planter as a base and add the collection of six specially chosen plants to cultivate a beautiful pond rife with sun loving plant life. This kit is complete with a support grid to reinforce your new aquatic plants and keep them in place. This clever Pond in a Pot would make a quirky and thoughtful gift and is incredibly easy to set up. Don't forget that the plants in Pond in a Pot Kits will be dormant over the winter months but you'll still need to protect them from harsh conditions such as frost.

What's in the box?

Sun Loving Plants Collection

Our experts will specially select six of the best plants for the time of year of dispatch to ensure you receive a kit bursting with life and colour. Listed below are examples of plants that may feature in your carefully crafted pack.

  • Number of plants included in kit: 6
  • Orange Peel Plant - Houttuynia cordata Chameleon 1L
  • Blue Flag - Iris Versicolor 1L
  • Slender Club Rush - Scirpus Cernuus 1L
  • Miniature Bulrush - Typha minima 1L
  • Terry's Pink Lychnis flos-cuculi 1L
  • Pygmea Red Water Lily Pygmae Rosa1L
Pond in a Pot Kit

  • Red gloss finished fibreglass low planter - 34cm Height (1ft 1in) x 72cm (2ft 4ins) Diameter
  • Grow Through Metal Ring - 63½cm (25ins)
  • Selection of six especially chosen Sun Loving plants (see below for details)

Create your Sun Loving Pond in a Pot in 4 easy steps

Setting up your Pond in a Pot is effortless and can be done anywhere in your garden, however most of the flowers in the Wildlife Friendly set thrive best in the sun. The Pond in a Pot is portable so you can move it around with no problem!

Beautiful medley of Sun Loving flowers

This bespoke collection of bright and varied sun loving flowers have been specially selected by leading UK plant specialist Anglo Aquatic Plants. Six plants are carefully selected based on the time of year they are dispatched, guaranteeing that you receive the best plants to make the greatest impact in your garden. These plants have been picked to give a warm backdrop of orange and brown and dynamism in their shapes, spreading across the top of your Pond in a Pot and reaching high above it.

Orange Peel Plant - Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon'

The Orange Peel Plant is an edible burnt orange and orange fragranced plant that can grow up to 30cm upright. This unique plant flowers in the Summer and will give a gorgeous summer tinge to your pond.

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Blue Flag - Iris Versicolor

Reaching heights of 1m, the long stemmed plants of the Blue Flag hold stunning blue-violet blooms which will tower in your pond. This plant is low maintenance and loves to be in the sun.

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Slender Club Rush - Scirpus Cernuus

Thick and vibrant green and blue foliage supports tiny dots of brown spikelets in this wonderfully textured plant. The buds of the Slender Club Rush will flower through summer to early autumn and the bush like quality of the plant will give density to your pond.

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Miniature Bulrush - Typha minima

Bulrush is a classic pond plant and is perfectly sized in this version growing to around 75cm. Large dark brown heads sit atop long stems which will give a sense of nostalgia in this popular choice.

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Terry's Pink Lychnis flos-cuculi

Dainty heads adorn this pond plant featuring splayed petals and a delicate pink colour. This appealing plant can grow up to 20cm in height and whilst it loves the shade and sun alike, it's tolerant of colder temperatures.

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Pygmea Red Water LilyNymphaea 'Tetragona Rosa'

These miniature water lilies are a beautiful take on a classic, fitting perfectly into your Pond in a Pot with glossy petals of white the lily mimics a lotus in shape. The spread of the Pygmea Water Lily can reach 45-65cm and you can expect its gorgeous blooms in late spring and summer.

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Optional Extras for Pond in a Pot Maintenance

Use the Ramshorn Snail to maintain your Pond in a Pot by cleverly eating away the algae from the sides of you planter without affecting or damaging the chosen plant life inside. The snails are also an aesthetic addition to your Sun Loving Pond in a Pot.

Additional recommended plants include the charming Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae in a specially offered 5 pack. This ideal plant requires no maintenance and will cleverly cover the top of your Pond in a Pots water surface with lovely round leaves and summer blooms.

A brilliant choice for extra care for your Pond in a Pot is the addition of Oxygenating plants, which you can add here in a native variation of five bunches. Oxygenating plants photosynthesise underwater with the resulting oxygen dispersing into the water, this encourages bacteria which help to keep the water clear. The selection chosen for you will be based on your pond and availability.

Gorgeous floating Water Hyacinth Nymphaea 'Tetragona Rosa' are a lovely addition to the Pond in a Pot and will ensure broad leaves and red blooms decorate your pond. This bunch of 5 can simply float on the waters surface.

Optional Extras
  • 5 x Ramshorn Snails
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  • Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Pack of 5
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  • 3 Floating Water Hyacinth Eichhornia craspies major
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  • Fountain Safe Water Feature Cleaner - 3 Month Supply by Ambienté
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Selected items will be included with your purchase

Please Note: Pond in a Pot Kit components will arrive in 2 separate parcels.

In the unlikely event that one or more of the plants in your collection is unavailable, our expert plant specialists will substitute the out of stock plants with something similar. Don't worry, you can rest assured that the substitute will work perfectly with the collection.


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