Swingseat Bird Seed Feeder

Code: BC6072
Swingseat Bird Seed Feeder
Perfect for feeding small garden birds, this charming swing seat bird feeder is perfect for hanging from your favourite tree. Not only is this a delightful addition to any garden, it also allows smaller birds to feed without being pushed aside by large birds due to the small scale and swinging nature of the feeder. The seed tray can be popped out for quick and easy cleaning to maintain good hygiene.

  • Charming Swing Seat Design: This delightful bird feeder is reminiscient of warm summer days, perfect for any garden
  • Swinging Design: The small, swinging design is perfect for smaller birds and stops larger birds from gaining purchase on the feeder
  • Height: 17cm (6.6in) x Width: 23cm (9in) x Length: 15.5cm (6.1in)


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