Buying and Maintaining Teak Furniture - A Simple Guide

It's simple: you just want a lovely set of teak furniture that'll last you for years to come. How can you ensure that you're getting a piece worth your hard earned money? Our experts have put together this brief guide to help you buy fine, reliable teak furniture which will last a lifetime.
Many companies will advertise their wooden furniture as Grade A, but how can you be sure that they're telling the truth? The first tell-tale sign of a furniture fib is the colour of the wood itself. Grade A teak is a clean-looking, light brown or cream coloured wood, and darker specimens should be regarded with caution, especially if the surface colour appears patchy.

Some dastardly dealers use sulphuric acid to treat their Grade C teak to pass it off as Grade A. Patches of discolouration can indicate sections of the wood which have not been adequately saturated. While treatments and oils are necessary in order to strengthen grade B & C teak, make sure that these darker, treated woods are graded and sold to you honestly.
Before you get comfortable, take the time to check under the seat of your chair to look for corner supports where the legs meet the seat. Poorly made teak chairs may have these unsightly additions to mask poor construction, while a well-constructed chair won't need these supports, as the mortise and tenon joints should fit together like a jigsaw, and therefore be extremely strong.

Be sure to look for gaps in the way the wooden joints are fitted together. Poor craftsmanship will be an obvious sign of a dodgy dealer. Any uneven gaps between wood should be addressed immediately along with any other obvious discrepancies, such as visible marks left by glue. Any of these unsightly problems are tell-tale signs of lazy workmanship.

Any wood which shows signs of weakness, whether it be from poor craftsmanship or from where joints have been badly fitted and jammed together, causing the wood to crack under pressure, must be treated with caution, as it will not endure weather or time.

The last thing to take into account when looking to purchase some Grade A teak is the guarantee supplied by the dealer. A one year guarantee should instantly sound warning bells in your head; why would a company have such a lack of faith in their products to condemn a wood of longevity to survive a mere twelve months?

Trust Primrose - Trust Liz Frances Teak

We at Primrose love our high quality teak; it's the strongest, finest, most lovely wood and we think it's worth sourcing properly and honestly. All of our beautiful Liz Frances furniture pieces are made from the best wood around, harvested responsibly from forests operating under environmentally friendly schemes. As your honest and humble go-to gurus of all things garden, we at Primrose promise that our Liz Frances teak pieces will always be constructed excellently, sourced environmentally, graded honestly and finished beautifully.

Only mature trees are cut down, which means higher quality wood, and therefore higher quality furniture. We are proud to proclaim that we fully comply with the new 2013 EU Timber Regulations, and we're even able to trace the provenance of our timber, right along the supply chain back to the plantation.

Taking Care of Teak Furniture - Mould, Mildew and Moss

High quality teak garden furniture is generally resistant to water and moisture, however it is not immune to mould, mildew or moss, especially if exposed to prolonged high levels of moisture. Although the first unsightly signs of mould, mildew or moss are never welcome and always frustrating, we're pleased to tell you that getting rid of these pesky moisture born marks is actually rather simple. So easy in fact, that you can make a teak cleaner yourself!

You will need:

  • 1x cup of household bleach
  • 1x cup of washing powder
  • ½ a bucket of warm water
  • 1x sponge
  • 1x garden hose (clean water to rinse)
Before you begin, be sure to protect your hands and eyes from harmful chemicals which may irritate skin and discolour your clothes. Firstly, mix your ingredients together into the bucket and then proceed to cover your furniture with the solution, allowing it to soak for 5 minutes.

After five minutes, hose off the solution and like magic, the mould, mildew and moss should have vanished. Do not allow your furniture to soak for longer than 5 minutes, and do not allow the wood to dry during the allotted time. If parts of the wood begin to dry, reapply the solution to said areas as quickly as possible. Should any sign of mildew, mould or moss survive your initial bleach busting, reapply the solution to affected areas accordingly.

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