Testing our Warmawear products with... a trip to Iceland!

There's a baffling range of heated clothing out there and the only way you can ever really find out whether a product is worth having is by testing it.

Our buyer for Warmawear took a trip to Iceland, and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to really test out our Warmawear range. We sent her off to Iceland, nestled between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, with gloves, glove liners, socks, insoles, disposable heat packs and of course our famous Warmastone.

All the Warmawear heated clothing really helped my friends and me to survive the cold Icelandic weather and the long nights in our tents

This season's Warmawear collection has had a few feature upgrades and changes. Our insoles are now waterproof, which, as our buyer Alena found, really comes in handy when ice trekking! She found the disposable heat pads so useful that we changed the design of our socks to incorporate Dual Fuel technology by adding a pocket to the front of the sock - perfect for pads.

Alena's Packing List:

1. Glove liners

2. Heated Gloves

  • Ladies Dual Fuel Battery Heated Performance Gloves - by Warmawear™

  • The Warmawear gloves were great for whale watching, as they protect your hands from sea spray. While it doesn't feel like sea spray affects your overall temperature much, once you have been outside for a while your temperature can drop considerably. The slimline gloves we sent her with were great, as they allowed her and her friends to use their cameras and binoculars without having to remove the gloves.

  • Whale watching with Warmawear gloves

3. Disposable Heat Packs

  • Disposable Heat Packs - 6 Pack - by Warmawear™

  • It's not just during the day that keeping warm in Iceland is important. Alena used the new Warmawear disposable heat pads overnight in her tent as hand warmers but also stuck to clothing.

    I used it not just as a hand warmer but as a foot warmer, and also put some on my back under my thermals. I could still feel the heat when I woke up in the morning!

  • Using Heat Pads to keep warm in the freezing cold nights!

4. Heated Insoles

  • Warmawear™ Waterproof Heated Insoles

  • Alena took a pair of Warmawear rechargeable heated insoles that she had pre-cut before leaving the UK to fit her hiking boots. They kept her feet warm during the glacier hike, despite walking on ice the entire way. As these insoles are also waterproof, her feet were also protected from the cold that water can bring. Alena says,

    These insoles are made of waterproof material, so I had very happy feet come the end of the day

  • Warm AND waterproof!

5. Thermal Socks

  • Thermal Socks with Stripes - Medium - by Warmawear™

  • A firm favourite were the Warmawear thermal socks, due to the unique and cheerful design and cosy material. Aside from reducing the risk of them being borrowed by friends, the design of these socks incorporates a fluffy inner layer, helping to keep in as much heat as possible.

    Although they were not heated like the other Warmawear products we took along, they were more than enough to keep my feet warm even through the night in the tent

  • Keeping toes toasty with colourful thermal socks

We hope you enjoy our Warmawear products just as much as we do, even if you don't take them as far as Iceland!

You can find them all here.