Up in the Air Pond in a Pot Kit with 60cm Grey Fibreglass Planter

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Up in the Air Pond in a Pot Kit with 60cm Grey Fibreglass Planter
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Up in the Air Pond in a Pot Kit with 60cm Grey Fibreglass Planter

What's in the box?

Pond in a Pot Kit

  • Metallic grey glossy fibreglass spherical planter - 34cm Height (1ft 1in) x 72cm (2ft 4ins) Diameter
  • 5L square planting basket - 24cm (9.45in) x 24cm (9.45in)
  • Scouring Rush Equisetum hyemale - 4 x 1L pots

Optional Extras
  • Ambienté™ Fountain Safe - 3 Month Supply
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Create a striking display in your garden with no hassle with this gorgeous Up in the Air Pond in a Pot. This fantastic kit comes with everything you need to make your own garden pond in four simple steps. Filled with the specially selected Equisetum Hyemale this Pond in a Pot is sure to become an impressive feature in your garden. This statuesque plant is perfect for adding a touch of architectural style to your garden. This kit comes complete with a 2.5L planting basket to reinforce your plants and make setup even easier. Perfect for adding the finishing touch to a modern garden or a wonderful choice as a thoughtful and unusual gift.

Modern Minimalistic Design

This distinctly minimalist display has been specially selected by leading UK plant specialist Anglo Aquatic Plants. The Up in the Air kit features just one plant - Equisetum Hyemale, otherwise known as Scouring Rush. This tall, impressive pond plant comes in a bright, healthy green shade which is great for bringing a splash of colour to your garden. On breezy days, the hollow stems can bring a tranquil atmosphere into your garden with their gentle rustling sound. The clusters of tall, skinny stems beautifully contrast with the wide, round shape of the planter, enhancing this Pond in a Pot’s minimalist appearance.

Scouring Rush - Equisetum hyemale

Scouring Rush is a gorgeous, evergreen perennial plant. Its tall, green stems ridged in black gives it a distinctly reed-like appearance. In the summer, brown fruits sit atop the fertile stems. Scouring Rush will arrive at a height of approximately 1.2m and can reach 2m tall when fully mature, making this plant perfect for a truly impressive display. Until maturity, it is advised that the planting baskets within the pond in a pot are raised using bricks or similar materials in order to achieve the striking effect of the fully matured plant.

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Optional Extras for Pond in a Pot Maintenance

To keep your Pond in a Pot clean and clear why not add some Ramshorn Snails? These snails eat away at the algae on the sides of the planter without affecting or damaging the plants inside. They are also a charming aesthetic addition to your Pond in a Pot and a great way to begin to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Additional recommended plants include the charming Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae in a specially offered 5 pack. This ideal plant requires no maintenance and will cleverly cover the top of your Pond in a Pots water surface with lovely round leaves and summer blooms.


A brilliant choice for extra care for your Pond in a Pot is the addition of Oxygenating plants, which you can add here in a native variation of five bunches. Oxygenating plants photosynthesise underwater with the resulting oxygen dispersing into the water, this encourages bacteria which help to keep the water clear. The selection chosen for you will be based on your pond and availability.


Optional Extras
  • Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Pack of 5
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  • 3 Floating Water Hyacinth Eichhornia craspies major
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  • 5 x Ramshorn Snails
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Setting up your Pond in a Pot

Setting up your Pond in a Pot is effortless and can be done anywhere in your garden, however Equisetum Hyemale thrives best in full sun or partial shade. Once you've chosen the best spot for your pond, putting it together is quick and easy. Because Equisetum Hyemale arrives immature, we recommend adding some brick or similar sturdy filler material to the planter to give it a little extra height. Carefully place the bricks inside the planter then place the planting basket on top of the bricks. Insert the four 1L pots into the basket then fill the planter with water. Once full, add some Fountain Safe™ to your pond to keep it clean, clear and algae free.

Pond in a Pot Kits

Our delightful range of Pond in a Pot kits come in a variety of flower compilations so you can find the best one for your garden. All of our pond plant collections have been exclusively designed for Primrose by Anglo Aquatic Plants, one of the leading specialists in aquatic plants in the UK. The range features fibreglass planters in both black and white, with one kit even featuring a solar powered fountain. A fantastic gift idea, these Pond in a Pot kits are a gift that keeps on giving.

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Please Note: Pond in a Pot Kit components will arrive in 2 separate parcels


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