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The Berkeley Log Cabin 10x8

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The Berkeley Log Cabin 10x8

The Berkeley is a fine quality 19mm Log Cabin. Featuring incredibly high quality joiner-made draft-sealed openable windows and a Georgian Style double door, inset into the cabin's unique porch creating a lovely place to relax, all in all a truly multi use cabin. All log cabins are comprised only of extremely high quality timber. The logs are cut primarily with European RED WOOD timber which is naturally smoother and of a better finish than many other types of wood. This means fewer knots, splits and a much longer lifespan. Woodland log cabins feature oversized extra large doors and windows which feature high quality glazing which is factory siliconed, fully draft sealed and beaded both internally and externally. Most importantly, Woodland log cabin doors and windows are internally hung (like traditional house doors and windows).

  • Superior Grade 19mm Fin. Interlocking Logs
  • High Quality Georgian Side Opening Window
  • Pre Assembled Easy Fit Roof and Floor
  • Large Half Glazed Georgian Double Doors
  • Stylish Antique Hinges & Door Pull

  • Dimension: 8x6 / 8x8 / 10x6 / 10x8 
  • Length: 2350mm (92.52") / 2350mm(92.52") / 2950mm(116.14") / 2950mm(116.14") 
  • Width: 1750mm(68.90") / 2350mm(92.52") / 1750mm(68.90") / 2350mm(92.52")
  • Eaves Height: 2023mm(79.65") / 2023mm(79.65") / 2023mm(79.65") / 2023mm(79.65")
  • Ridge Height: 2347mm(92.40") / 2452mm(96.54") / 2347mm(92.40") / 2452mm(96.54")
  • Windows: 1 / 1 / 1 / 1
More Information
Why X?

Why buy a Woodland Log Cabin? The following points should help you with your decision


How will the log cabin I am about to buy be delivered and will I have to wait in all day for the driver.

- Providing access is sufficient Woodland will deliver their log cabins on an 18ton HIAB truck. The vehicle has its own built in state of the art crane to take the log cabin straight off the vehicle and on to your site.

We advise you not only of a delivery date in advance but also a two hour arrival time slot so you don't have to stay in all day.


Where has the cabin I am about to buy been made and by who?

- Woodland do NOT import their log cabins. Woodland have their own mill in Yorkshire which is owned and staffed entirely by Woodland. This gives complete control over the manufacturing process meaning they can oversee the quality of the timber. Any timber found to be inferior is simply not used.


How secure is the locking system on the doors of the cabin I am about to buy.

- Woodland log cabins are made with decorative brass handles with a high quality integral three lever lock. These are the sort of locks you would find installed on the door of a house or secure office building.


What is the height of the cabin I am about to buy and what if I am required to reduce this.

- Woodland log cabins are extremely high at both the eaves and at the ridge providing maximum usable space within a given footprint base size. In certain circumstances the planning office states that if a log cabin is to be made within 2m of a boundary it has to be under 2.5m in height. For those customers who require a lower height, we can offer to reduce this height on the majority of the log cabins for no extra cost i.e. Woodland give you the most possible cabin for your money and allow you a choice if you need to alter it!

Size 10 X 8
Style Freestanding
Type Freestanding
Frame Material Wooden
Material Wooden