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Thick Carbonised Caramel Bamboo Fencing Screening Roll 1.9m x 1.8m (6ft 2in x 6ft) - By Papillon™

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This robust and eco-friendly Thick Carbonised caramel colored bamboo screening roll will make a perfect practical addition to your garden. It is popular as a way to hide old fencing panels and frame flower beds. The bamboo is strong enough to increase the height of existing fences and can be used on its own or attached to an existing fence.

These thick caramel coloured bamboo screening rolls can be attached to existing garden fences, stone walls, chain link wire fencing, arbours and many other areas the garden which requires screening or shade. It can be easily attached to wooden garden fences by the use of galvanised garden staples or wire securing top and bottom of the thick caramel coloured bamboo screening. It can also be used over arbours and pergolas, creating a soft shaded area beneath.

Please Note: This is a natural product and there will be variations from roll to roll and cane to cane. We cannot guarantee each roll or cane are identical as colour, width and length will vary. In addition exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods will naturally accelerate the colour loss of this bamboo screening. In addition exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods will naturally accelerate the colour loss of this bamboo screening.


  • Made from real bamboo - the natural construction is eco-friendly and will ensure durability and longevity in your garden
  • Versatile design - this screening can transform an old or unsightly fence, screen off a part of the garden, frame flowerbeds or even help provide extra privacy to balconies, decks or hot tubs!
  • Natural design - the carbonised caramel coloured bamboo enhances your garden's natural aesthetic
  • Easy to use - This screening roll is easy to use, simply attaching to a fence or other supportive structure using wire or ties

Whether you are going to attach the screening to an existing fence, wall, or arbour, you will need to make sure it is fixed securely. To achieve this, we recommend using our galvanised wire, ratchet strainers or cable ties.

What’s the difference between natural and carbonised bamboo?

Natural dark brown bamboo screening has been made from naturally growing dark bamboo canes. Carbonised bamboo screening has a dark caramel colour which has been achieved by smoking golden-coloured bamboo in an industrial kiln, this gives each cane a deep, rich colour. Similar to the process of Shou Sugi Ban, this carbonised product is a great contemporary solution to chemically treated materials. The treatment involves burning the outer layer of the bamboo with a high concentration of heat, removing the charred material, then sealing the bamboo for a brilliant finish.

Verstaile Screening

The versatility of this product allows you to use it for a variety of applications around the garden. These include providing shade and privacy, disguising less attractive areas of the garden, such as compost heaps, or to simply add a bit of decoration to your home. This screening has been constructed from completely natural bamboo, which gives the product strong and durable properties that enable it to resist different environmental conditions, including strong winds and heavy rain.

There aremany benefitsto artificial screening, theperfect way to neatenup your garden orhide any unsightly areas. Normal growing conditions are not required with this artificial screening, meaning that you have thefreedom to place anywherein your garden. Light is not required and excessive rain is not an issue. If you have poor soil conditions in your garden thenartificial screening is your solution.

  • Width: 1.9m (6.23ft) x Height: 1.8m (5.9ft)
  • Average Cane Width: 25mm
  • Secured with horizontal galvanised wire
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Type Screening Roll
Material Bamboo
Colour Caramel
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