Topiary Swan Water Feature - Odette Swan

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Topiary Swan Water Feature - Odette SwanTopiary Swan Water Feature - Odette Swan
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Topiary Swan Water Feature - Odette SwanTopiary Swan Water Feature - Odette Swan
Height130 cm( 4 ft 3 in )
Topiary Water Feature - Odette Swan

This stunning topiary is sure to add decorative flair to your home, not just with its pleasing shape, but because it's also a water feature. This adds even more beauty to your garden. The secret behind the topiary's easy to maintain shape is a stainless steel frame, which means you simply cut to the frame, and your topiary is shaped. It's never been easier to have a dramatic topiary feature in your garden. This beautiful feature depicts a swan, squirting water from its mouth.


  • Delightful topiary and water feature - two decorative additions in one
  • Grown from hardy privet - easy to care for and grow
  • Internal frame shape - easy to maintain the shape of your topiary
  • Comes with pump and reservoir
  • Stainless steel frame - helps prevent rust and deterioration

This intriguing topiary has a big surprise for you - it's also a water feature! From the cleverly hidden hose and pump, the water flows continuously from jug to urn. Constructed of hardy privet, this topiary needs watering three times a week to keep it lush and green. With the stainless steel frame, this topiary simply needs sharp pruning shears to cut it back to the frame in order for it to maintain its shape.

Arriving as a complete feature, reservoir and pump set, all you need to do is pick the spot where it will look its best. Begin cutting in mid-spring, following the shape of the frame, and then trim every other month through the summer until September. Trimming in autumn can allow frost to damage young shoots, so this is not advised. This topiary art uses Ligustrum Delavayanum, Delavay Privet, which is a compact, spreading, evergreen shrub with oval, dark green leaves.


Height 1.30m (4ft 3in)


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