Travelling Lawn Sprinkler

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Travelling Lawn Sprinkler
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Travelling Lawn Sprinkler
Installing an irrigation system isn’t cheap, which is where this great little unit comes in! Forget digging the lawn up to install expensive pop up sprinklers, or running around moving standpipes from area to area, let this neat little unit do the job. This is the easiest way to water your lawn. Simply lay out the 16mm(½”) hose in the path you want your sprinkler to follow, routing the hose around obstacles to get into areas you might normally miss. Try to avoid creating any sharp turns with the hose route, we know it looks cool but it's a lawn sprinkler, not a race car.

The Travelling Lawn Sprinkler will follow the route of the hose at an average of 0-11mtr per hour with a water pressure of about 2.8 bar. Speed also depends on which of the 3 settings you select, High, Low or Neutral. Your travelling sprinkler can be set to turn off at any point along the hose with the automatic shut-off ramp included. To cover narrow area (5mtr), point the spray arms slightly downward, spin the arm in a clockwork circle to make sure they clear the sprinkler body. For maximum (16mtr) coverage, turn the spray arms upward to an approximate 30° angle.


  • The sprinkler comes with ¾” Female, BSP thread fitting for hose connection
  • Lay the supply hose along the route and pattern required and the Travelling Sprinkler will self-propel and irrigate along that path
  • Comes with shut-off ramp, which turns off the water supply and sprinkler
  • Two-speed transmission provides continuous, powerful transmission in high or low ratios and an additional standing option can also be selected


  • Die-cast metal body
  • Water pressure 2.8bar
  • Diameter of coverage 14m
  • Hose Size: ½”



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