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Tree Fern Feed 500ml

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Tree Fern Feed 500ml

The tree fern specialists HSK have developed a specific concentrated feed for your fern. It helps to encourage vigorous growth and should help you to get the best results from your tree fern.

Tree ferns need regular feeding once their fronds begin to unfurl. They should be fed weekly during their growing period (approximately April until October) and this 500ml bottle should last you for two years if used as directed.

Tree ferns are ‘top feeders’ and consequently need to be fed through the crown. The growth area of the plant is really only the top 30 cms under the crown of the plant. The rest of the plant is made up of the root system and old frond bases.

Why Ferns Need Feeding

Tree ferns are ‘top feeders’ meaning that a large part of their moisture and nutrient exchange is through the crown. In their natural environment they often grow under a canopy and rely on the decaying leaf matter that falls from above and lands in the crown for nutrients, moisture retention and protection in winter. However, when they are grown in other areas they don’t get this and so need to need to be fed and watered from the top regularly.

How To Feed Your Fern

  • The best time to feed your fern is once the frosts have stopped which is normally April in the UK.
  • Feed your fern weekly into the crown during the growing season.
  • Use 10ml of HSK Tree Fern Feed per 2L of water.
  • Stop using the feed around the middle of October once the growing season has finished.
  • This bottle should last for two years if used as directed.
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