Tree Planters

You might be limited on outdoor space, you might have concrete or unsuitable areas for planting but you certainly aren't limited for choice. Growing trees in planters is a wonderful way to add the charming atmosphere to your garden, whatever it's size, that only trees can bring. Whether you want to frame your front door with beautiful bay trees, grow cherries on your balcony or add some nature to the office, Primrose has the solution.

Which Planter Should I Choose?

It's entirely up to you! It's important to find the planter to suit your style and makes you love your outdoor space all the more. Here you'll find a wide range of planters suitable for growing trees. All of our Tree Planters are large enough to accommodate even the bulkiest root balls and have drainage holes to ensure aeration and drainage of the soil to keep those roots healthy and the tree thriving.

Which trees will grow best in a planter?

Be sure to choose the tree you can maintain best as some will need more watering than others. Don't forget that a planter grown tree will dry out much faster than one growing in the ground. We have a wide range of trees suitable for growing in planters, from flourishing figs and bountiful bamboo to acers of all colours.

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Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 91 View All

Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 91 View All