Trunk falls Water Feature

Code: WF0199
Trunk falls Water Feature
Height40 cm( 1 ft 3 in )
Width91 cm( 2 ft 11 in )
Diameter98 cm( 3 ft 2 in )
Trunk falls

This feature looks as if it is made from a real tree trunk but is in fact made from fibreglass. It is designed for use in a pond or with a pebble pool. If you need a pebble pool, we can supply either a black plastic reservoir, diameter 98cm (the FiniaTM 1000), or the fibreglass pool shown in our picture which has a similar finish to the tree trunk (please note the pool is not included as standard with the feature, you need to purchase it separately). You will also need a to purchase a 2000 litre / hour pump; both our Feature Pump 2000 and Libel Xtra 2300 pumps are suitable. Trunk falls H 93cm(3ft 1") W 65cm(2ft 2"); Trunk pool H 40cm(1ft 4") W91cm(3ft); FiniaTM 1000 pool: Dia 98cm(3ft 3") D 30cm(1ft).

Click here for pumps and Finia pebble pool:


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