T-Strap - Hammock ropes

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T-Strap - Hammock ropes
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T-Strap - Hammock ropes
Set of 2 specially developed attachment straps for hanging up hammocks.

The locking pin made from aluminium serves as a practical connection to the hammock loop at the same time – push it through and it will put itself diagonally and latch into place.

25 mm wide band: very kind to treesAdjustable buckle for smooth adjustment from 15 to 220 cm

  • Total Length: 15 - 220 cm (2 x) Approx.
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 200 kg

Health Benefits

Yes, really! Hammocks are good for you. Just take one look at a hammock and even the layman can see that you lie differently in a hammock than in a bed. Hammocks allow the user to lie completely relaxed.

Proper reclining technique ensures good lying posture, which can prevent back pain and helps the entire body relax. The hammock is often an important component of therapy for the elderly, people with disabilities and children: vestibular and movement disorders can be treated by harnessing the turning and rocking motion of the hammock. The gentle rocking motion of the hammock is thought to resemble the womb and has a calming effect. Children who suffer from hyperactivity and a lack of concentration can often relax and calm down more easily in a hammock. Hammocks can help dissipate surplus energy, relax cramped muscles and help the user find new methods of body control. In addition, motor function is improved to prevent it from interfering with other bodily processes in the future.


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