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The UK’s Favourite Garden-Inspired Baby Names

The Uk's Favourite Garden-Inspired Baby Names

Looking for a baby name as beautiful as your garden? Perhaps you’d like something floral for a little girl, or maybe you’re considering a botanical name for a baby boy.

To help you find the perfect plant-based name, the Primrose experts studied 10 years of ONS data to reveal the UK’s favourite garden-inspired baby names.

See our analysis of 6.9 million names recorded from 2010 to 2020 and find the most popular botanical baby names for girls and boys.

Top 10 garden-themed girl's names

  1. Lily - 33,125
  2. Poppy - 29,471
  3. Daisy - 22,645
  4. Willow - 14,876
  5. Holly - 14,595
  6. Ivy - 14,164
  7. Jasmine - 11,699
  8. Summer - 11,358
  9. Rose - 9,510
  10. Violet - 8,668

Lily leads as the UK’s favourite garden name for girls

With 33,125 babies in the last 10 years, Lily is the favourite from our garden-inspired girl names. Following in second is Poppy, with 29,471 recorded and Daisy in third at 22,645.

Floral names prove to be a popular choice for baby girls, with other flowering plants featured such as Jasmine (11,699), Rose (9,510) and Violet (8,668) in the top 10 - blooming lovely!

Looking for a unique plant name? Try Strawberry or Pansy

If you’d prefer a more unique garden-inspired name for a baby girl, there are uncommon alternatives.

The ONS data reveals that over the last 10 years, three babies have been named Strawberry, Pansy and Ambrosia. Other less common plant names include Fauna (six), Orchid (seven) and Prunella (nine).

Top 10 garden-inspired boy's names

  1. Rowan - 6,374
  2. Robin - 2,768
  3. Wren - 188
  4. Florian - 177
  5. Acer - 171
  6. Basil - 159
  7. Forest - 157
  8. Bay - 126
  9. Winter - 85
  10. Oak - 64

Rowan is the most popular plant name for boys

While garden-themed boy names are less popular, there still are some beautiful options for you to choose from. Statistics show that the UK’s clear favourite is Rowan, with 6,374 babies named between 2010 and 2020.

Following in second and third are bird-inspired names with Robin at 2,768 and Wren at 188. The name Oliver was one of the highest ranked boys' names in the last 10 years at 70,071, but as most parents probably aren't thinking of olive trees when they choose it (but rather all the other Olivers) we excluded it from the list.

Want a more unique botanical boy name? Try Lark or Cedar

More uncommon garden-themed names for boys include Lark (three), Alder (three) and Juniper (three). Other unique options are Aster (14), Quill (16) and Cedar (19).

Gardening expert says our growing love for plants inspires our baby name choices

Primrose’s Gardening Expert, Evie Lane, says,

‘Over the last few years, our love for gardening and plants has grown dramatically. Online searches show that since 2010, the demand for gardening and plants has risen every year. In fact, searches for plants increased by a huge 900% in April 2020 during our first lockdown.

‘While the demand this year isn’t as high as in lockdown, plants are still very much on trend, with Google searches increasing by 560% in the last decade.

‘The trend is very likely to have influenced our baby name choices, as we associate gardening with growing new life. Plus, plants are very beautiful to look at, so of course you would want to give your baby an equally beautiful name.

‘House plants are proving to be very popular still, with a 944% increase in online searches since 2010. Maybe our 2021 and 2022 babies will be named Aloe or Peace Lily!’

Discover more gardening stories at Primrose, including the hidden meanings of flowers and the latest garden trends in our annual report.

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