Ultimate Grow Your Own Gift Kit Collection - 4 Packs Included

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Ultimate Grow Your Own Gift Kit Collection - 4 Packs Included

Cultivate a garden brimming with delicious vegetables, herbs and chillis in your garden with this amazing array of complete grow your own kits, coming complete with the Wok On - Stiry Fry Veg Kit, Zesty Herbs Kit, Xtreme Chilli Growing Kit and the whacky Purple Daze - Veg Kit. This killer combo will provide you with uniquely coloured vegetables, gorgeous stir fry vegetables, a spicy chilli collection and a fragrant herb garden.

This combination of beautifully presented and fully inclusive kits will make awesome gifts to friends and loved ones.

What's in the box?
  • Luscious collection of vegetables - tasty assortment will feed your creativity as well your stomach
  • 20 x Biodegradable grow pots - eco-friendly pots provided to house your new fruit, herbs and veg
  • 20 x Coir blocks (compost discs) - useful thick blocks expand at home to become usable compost
  • 20 x Plant markers - keep a close eye when tending to your miniature gardens
  • Full instructions with grow tips for each kit - new gardeners need not fear as full instructions are near
  • Complete with colourful and fully illustrated boxes
  • Ideal for sunny window sills and gardens alike, making it easy to grow your own produce even in urban areas
  • Easy to use kits come with full instructions and tips so are ideal for newbies
  • Delicious selection of vegetables, chillis and herbs have been specially chosen for variety

With this gorgeous selection of tasty herbs, spices and vegetables you'll have everything you need to create an amazing array of dishes from all over the world. This set will help you to learn new skills, find a hobby in harvesting and enjoy healthy, fresh food.

The Zesty Herb kit features:
  • Basil - the key component of pesto and Italian dishes, Basil is versatile and distinguishable
  • Chives - perfect for salads and dips, chives are also amazing with cheese
  • Rosemary - unbeatable with red meat, use to season and spruce up rustic meals and enjoy its flowers when in bloom
  • Thyme - enjoy both the classic aromatic herb and its pretty flowers
  • Parsley - famed for being fabulous with fish, parsley is a key sauce and salad herb

The Purple Daze kit features:

  • Purple Carrots - the classic carrot in a unique purple hue, great in salads, steamed, baked and more
  • Purple Cauliflowers - super healthy and very versatile, sure to excite guests and brighten up dishes
  • Purple Tomatoes - have the luxury of fresh tomatoes in your own home, but in lush purple
  • Mini Pumpkins - gone are the days that you needed a huge garden to grow this tasty vegetable
  • Multi-colour Corn - developed from traditional Native American corn, these beautifully marbled corn cobs are delicious as they are pretty

The Wok On kit features:
  • Pak Choi - crisp Pak Choi is amazing seared and fried, remaining fresh in the pan
  • Red peppers - bright and crunchy peppers will work with a never ending array of dishes
  • Choy Sum - juicy, sweet and gorgeous with meats
  • Broccoli - the humble classic is the new veg of choice in pan Asian cooking
  • Bean sprouts - this stir fry staple is super easy to cultivate
The Xtreme Chilli kit features:
  • Korean chillies - super spicy chilli is an ideal staple in Indian, Japanese, Mexican dishes and much more
  • Chilli fingers - pungent fingers are great in sauces, pickled, dried and in salsas
  • Thin chillies (Cayenne Pencil) - a mid level chilli which can garnish and still tantalize
  • Red chillies (Krimson Lee) - this one wont have you gasping for milk but will make an exciting component in any dish
  • Multi-coloured chillies - pretty chillies which are mild enough to simply compliment meals, ideal for salads

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