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Ultra Power Block Bait Killer Station Refills - 6 x 20g Blocks

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Ultra Power Block Bait Killer Station Refills - 6 x 20g Blocks

Brodifacoum operates as a single feed bait and has an excellent level of activity against the brown rat. It is a significantly stronger anticoagulant than difenacoum; rats will reach lethal dose from a single feed producing results, fast. It is essential that these baits are protected from non-target animals; when using brodifacoum, bait boxes are a must. These ready for use bait blocks are designed to be used in tamper resistant bait stations for the control of rats and mice. Please note it is the law to use bait stations when baiting rats and mice. Contains 0.0025% w/w brodifacoum and 0.001% w/w denatonium benzoate.

Important: Always read the label. Always wear gloves when handling bait. If any rodenticide is ingested or you have any concerns, seek medical advice immediately and follow the first aid instruction on the product label.


  • Single feed bait
  • Anti-coagulant
  • Stronger than difenacoum
  • Excellent against the brown rat and mice
  • Extremely toxic to all mammals and therefore is essential that it is kept locked away from non-target animals. Bait boxes are advised


  • 6 x 20g Blocks
More Information
Power Source Non Electronic
Location Indoor, Outdoor
Type Bait
Pest Mouse, Rat