Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents

The premium solution for evicting nuisance cats, ultrasonic cat deterrents emit frightening ultrasound with cats in the vicinity. Fitted with a motion sensor, our ultrasonic repellers only activate when a warm body enters the area, ensuring cats do not become desensitised to the noise, and saving battery life. Small and unobtrusive, the repellers can be staked into the ground or nailed to fence, and are inaudible to humans.

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Pest Control Cat Deterrents
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  • Electronic Cat Repellents
  • Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents
  • Fence & Wall Spikes
  • Cat Repellent Granules, Pellets and Sprays
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  • Battery Powered Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents
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  • Pestbye
  • STV
  • Silent Roar
  • Catwatch