Unusual Berry Collection - Raspberry All Gold, Pineberry and Pink Currant Bare Root

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Unusual Berry Collection - Raspberry All Gold, Pineberry and Pink Currant Bare Root
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Unusual Berry Collection - Raspberry All Gold, Pineberry and Pink Currant Bare Root
Unusual Berry Collection - Raspberry All Gold, Pineberry and Pink Currant Bare Root

Want a change from buying ordinary soft berries? This unusual collection allows you to grow your own fresh, tasty and most importantly unusual fruit. Each of the plants contained in this collection are unusual varieties of more common berries.

This lovely collection contains ‘All Gold’ raspberries, white pineberries and pink currants. All of these plants are hard to find on the market and in high demand so why not grow your own and enjoy the lovely flavours and colours time and time again?

All 3 varieties of fruit included in this collection are perfect for eating fresh and can also be used in cooking. As each of these plants bloom at slightly different times you can enjoy plenty of colour and fruit in your garden from summer until autumn.

This Collection Consists of 3 Fruiting Plants

  • 1 x Raspberry ‘All Gold’ (Pack of 5)
  • 1 x Strawberry Pineberry (Pack of 5)
  • 1 x Pink Currant ‘Gloire de Sablons’

Raspberry All Gold (Pack of 5)

‘All Gold’ is an interesting, tasty, primocane raspberry that was discovered by chance amongst a nursery crop of ‘Autumn Bliss’. It bears delicious, large, sweet, golden fruit that are ready to harvest from late August all the way through to mid-October. It has the potential for two fruit crops in the year with the biggest yield in autumn.

Happiest when placed in the full sun in any aspect, except north facing, ‘All Gold’ is perfect for small gardens and can be grown in large containers. It is excellent for eating fresh, freezing and also wine-making.

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Strawberry Pineberry (Pack of 5)

Only recently released to the market the Pineberry has been in high demand and now you can grow your own! It is a cross between two different types of Strawberry one from South America and one from North America and the fruit produced is a taste sensation! With its succulent, juicy white flesh and red seeds it has the same shape and texture as a strawberry but has a pineapple flavour.

It firstly blooms in May, with delicate white flowers, before the fruit appears, green at first before turning white. Ready to harvest in June, it has the added bonus that birds tend not to eat the berries as they think they’re not ripe! Happiest in the full sun the Pineberry can be grown in a pot if space is limited and is perfect for eating fresh or used in a tasty fruit salad.

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Pink Currant Gloire de Sablons

‘Gloire de Sablon’ is an easy to grow variety that produces heavy crops of large, sweet and wonderfully fragrant pink currants from mid to late July. You’ll be hard pushed to find pink currants in shops, however if you grow your own they are ideal for decorating desserts, or making summer puddings, jams and jellies. The remarkable soft, translucent pink currants have a delightful fragrance and a juicy, sweet flavour.

The plants are robust and hardy. They are happiest when placed in a sunny position and they have good disease and pest resistance. So if you want a plant that requires little care ‘Gloire de Sablon’ is a perfect choice.

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Caring and Maintenance

Water during dry periods. Remove any weeds by hand and place a mulch around the plant in winter if you would like to avoid further weeds. Prune when dormant between late autumn and late winter. Aim to remove the old wood, as fruit grows on new wood.


  • Planting Distance: 1.2m

These soft fruits will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but prefer well-drained conditions. A pH of 4.0 - 6.0 is ideal. They prefer full sun, but will also grow in partial shade.
Dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball. Ideally, mulch with compost or rotted manure. Firm the bush in well before watering.

Can be planted at any time of the year, as it is a containerised plant.

Fruit Benefits

These fruits should be eaten or frozen within a few days of harvest. They please even the most sophisticated of palates, and can be made into jams and preserves to bring great summer memories on autumn or winter days. Freshly picked fruit will bring your desserts to life with a flavour that simply can't be matched by mass produced, shop bought fruit. When planning your garden, try to choose varieties with fruits that ripen from early summer to late autumn to ensure a constant supply of fresh fruits throughout the warmer months.


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