Utility 3B Blue & White Shed

Code: GB0879
Utility 3B Blue & White Shed
Utility 3B Blue & White Shed

We all need to get away from it all once in a while, and this garden shed is the perfect accompaniment to your relaxation. Whether you're spending time gardening and need a place to store tools and equipment, or looking for a spacious garden hidey-hole to sneak off to, and read, engage in a hobby, or just get away from everything for a while. Made from high quality PVC boards, these garden structures are durable and weather resistant.


Dimensions (roof included) 2,14 x 1,88
Overall dimensions 1,70 x 1,62
Outside surface area 2,76 m
Inside surface area 2,47 m
Wall thickness 26 mm
Wall height 1,88 m
Ridge height 2,239 m
Roof worked PVC boards
Roof slope 20 - 36 %
Roof colour green grey
Glass doors 1 0,72 x 1,80 m
Glass size 1 L 0,562 x H 0,272 m
Lock type 1 handle and lock
Weight 110 Kg
Materials PVC + metal windows


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