Versailles Trough Planters - Set of 2 - 59cm/79cm

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Versailles Trough Planters - Set of 2 - 59cm/79cm
Versailles Trough Planters - Set of 2 - 59cm/79cm

These Versailles planters have an elegant and stylish design that would look fantastic in your garden! Their colour will complement all kinds of plants, so that you can create a beautiful display for your family and guests to marvel at.


  • Pine wood - strong, durable timber suitable for outside use
  • Sturdy planter bottom - a perfect support for inserts
  • Sits on 4 feet - prevents the base from getting damp
  • Painted finish - gives the planters a stylish look, as well as adds extra protection to make them more durable

Set consists of

  • 1x small planter
  • 1x large planter

These planters have been made of pine wood, which is a great material to use for a planter as, it is strong and durable. They sit on 4 feet, keeping the planter off the ground and helping to prevent the base from getting damp. Each planter has a sturdy base, which provides an excellent support for inserts. The painted finish gives them an elegant and wonderful look, as well as extra protection to help make them more durable.

    This Planter:

    Versailles Trough Planters - Set of 2 - 59cm/79cm

    Small: Height 30cm (1ft) x Width 59cm (1ft 11in) x Depth 30cm (1ft)

    Large: Height 40cm (1ft 3in) x Width 79cm (2ft 7in) x Depth 40cm (1ft 3in)

    139.99  119.99

    Also Available in Grey:

    Versailles Trough Planters - Set of Two - 59cm/79cm

    139.99  119.99


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