Vigoroot Table Garden

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Vigoroot Table Garden
Vigoroot Table Garden

This Table Garden consists of 3 Vigoroot liners and a decorative steel frame. Vigoroot is a technically advanced growing fabric used by professional fruit tree growers. The Vigoroot Table Garden allows you to grow larger plants with less need for re-potting.


  • Vigoroot liners encourage a healthy root structure using "air-pruning"
  • Air pruning liners reduce the need for re-potting
  • Ideal for growing fresh produce in your garden
  • Suitable for growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Kit includes 3 liners and a decorative steel frame

Vigoroot liners represent a hassle-free way to encourage a healthy root structure. These liners use a process known as air-pruning to help your plants develop successfully at minimum cost or fuss to you.

What is Air Pruning?

When the root tips reach the Vigoroot fabric, the liner allows them to pass through so they are exposed to the air. This causes the exposed part of the root to become dehydrated and die off. This naturally occurring pruning process allows the remaining part of the root to develop further, and become stronger, whilst allowing new and healthy roots enough room to grow. If the old roots were not pruned, they would eventually become crowded and begin to grow in abnormal patterns - forming a tight root ball. The roots would become strangled or kinked, thus the roots could become damaged.

With this method, you can achieve a strong, healthy root system that is ready to go when you move your plant to its permanent location. It will establish more quickly, and will have a much better chance of survival. The technology used in Vigoroot liners is widely used with trees grown in a nursery, for example those for sale in garden centres. Recently it has been adapted for a wider range of plants, making it available for domestic as well as professional use. It's an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain a healthy root system through the early stages of plant development.


Length 118cm (49½ins) x Width 60cm (23½ins) x Height 80cm (31½ins)


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