W80cm Ornamental 'Pond in a Pot' Trough White Fibreglass Planter

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W80cm Ornamental 'Pond in a Pot' Trough White Fibreglass Planter
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W80cm Ornamental 'Pond in a Pot' Trough White Fibreglass Planter
Ornamental Colour 80cm Pond in a Trough - White Poly-Terrazzo Trough Planter

Meet the next generation of Pond in a Pot - the brand new Pond in a Trough! Perfect for smaller spaces, the versatile trough shape allows you to create a beautiful pond in places you’d never have imagined. You can place it against a wall, in a corner, either side of a path or doorway or perhaps use one to add structure to your outdoor space.

Our tried and tested kit comes with everything you need to make your very own pond in 3 simple steps. Just fill your trough with water, position your placeholder pots and drop in your aquatic plants.

This clever Pond in a Trough would make a quirky and thoughtful gift and is incredibly easy to set up. Don't forget that the plants in Pond in a Trough Kits will be dormant over the winter months but you'll still need to protect them from harsh conditions such as frost.

What's in the box?

Ornamental Colour Plant Collection

Our experts will specially select 3 of the best plants for the time of year of dispatch to ensure you receive a kit bursting with life and colour, perfect for attracting wildlife into your garden. Listed below are examples of plants that may feature in your carefully crafted pack.

  • Number of plants included in kit: 3
  • Marsh Marigold - Caltha Palustris 1L
  • White Star Grass - Dichromena colorata 1L
  • Water forget-me-not - Myosotis scorpioides 1L
  • Pickerel Weed - Pontederia Cordata 1L
  • Red Emperor Mimulus Cupreus 1L
  • Water Hawthorn Aponogeton Distachyos 1L
Pond in a Pot Kit

  • 80cm Poly-Terrazzo Small White Trough Planter L80cm D30cm H40cm
  • 1 bag of gravel
  • Placeholder pots - fill the place holder pots with gravel to adjust the height that your plant will sit at
  • Selection of 3 Wildlife Friendly plants exclusively selected by UK plant specialist Anglo Aquatic Plants

Create your Wildlife Friendly Pond in a Trough in 3 easy steps

Setting up your Pond in a trough is effortless and can be done anywhere in your garden, however most of the flowers in the Wildlife Friendly set thrive best in the sun. The Pond in a trough is portable so you can move it around with no problem!

Step 1: Fill your placeholder pots about 2/3rds with the gravel provided. You can add or remove gravel later to raise or lower your plants so that they sit correctly in the water.

Step 2: Fill the trough with water to about 2/3rds of the way - you can adjust this again later as desired.

Step 3: Place your plants in the placehold pots and drop into the trough where desired. Try to keep the top of the pot just below the surface of the water with no more than 2 inches of the plant submerged.

You can then adjust the water level and the gravel in placeholder pots until you are happy.

Optional Extras for Pond in a Trough Maintenance

Use the Ramshorn Snail to maintain your Pond in a Pot by cleverly eating away the algae from the sides of you planter without affecting or damaging the chosen plant life inside. The snails are also an aesthetic addition to your Wildlife Friendly Pond in a Pot.

Additional recommended plants include the charming Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae in a specially offered 5 pack. This ideal plant requires no maintenance and will cleverly cover the top of your Pond in a Pots water surface with lovely round leaves and summer blooms.

A brilliant choice for extra care for your Pond in a Pot is the addition of Oxygenating plants, which you can add here in a native variation of five bunches. Oxygenating plants photosynthesise underwater with the resulting oxygen dispersing into the water, this encourages bacteria which help to keep the water clear. The selection chosen for you will be based on your pond and availability.

Optional Extras
  • 5 x Ramshorn Snails
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  • Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Pack of 5
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  • Fountain Safe Water Feature Cleaner - 3 Month Supply by Ambienté
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Selected items will be included with your purchase

Please Note: Pond in a Trough Kit components will arrive in 2 separate parcels.


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