Warmawear™ Deluxe Heated Glove Liners

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Warmawear™ Deluxe Heated Glove LinersWarmawear™ Deluxe Heated Glove Liners
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Warmawear™ Deluxe Heated Glove LinersWarmawear™ Deluxe Heated Glove Liners
Just as described, keeping my hands warm while on my moped More...
We feel the technicians at Warmawear have really done it this time; Convert your favourite pair of motorbike or sports gloves into heated gloves with these fantastic glove liners. These liners can be worn with most types of glove whether you skiing, working, hiking, riding your motorcycle or bike.

  • "Instant Heat" - The glove liners warm up very quickly thanks to our improved energy efficient design
  • 3 heat settings - red 100%, orange 50%, and green 25%, so you can control the intensity of the heat quickly and easily
  • Heating elements run down the sides and ends of the fingers where the heat is needed the most
  • Advanced carbon-ceramic infra-red heating elements, promoting longer battery life
  • Discreet battery box with coiled cable so you can position it where it's most convenient for you, neatly concealed under your clothing
  • LED Power light
  • Washable
  • Available in 3 Sizes: Extra Small, Small/Medium and Medium/Large

    As a rough guide to help you to decide which size you need, measure around your dominant hand at the broadest point, excluding the thumb.

  • Extra Small: 16cm - 17.5cm (6⅓in - 7in)
  • Small/Medium: 17.5cm - 19cm (7in - 7½in)
  • Medium/Large: 19cm - 20.5cm (7½in - 8in)
  • Check out our handy size guide for more!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Washable - Max 30ºC gentle wash
  • Each glove requires 3x AA batteries
  • Unisex design is ideal for both men and women
  • Lithium AA Batteries are what we suggest to use to power these gloves as they lasted the longest in our tests.

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    Why Warmawear Heated Glove Liners?

    Motorbike gloves are expensive on their own due to the high specifications they are constrained by, but heated motorcycle gloves are even more so, running into the hundreds. Now you can transform your favourite pair into wonderful heated gloves without compromising the safety and protection that they offer. These stylish glove liners are incredibly comfortable and soft, with the heating element running around the edges of all 5 fingers, right around the tips - just where you need it the most.

    Invaluable for people who suffer from the cold, such as those who suffer from Raynaud's Disease, Raynaud's Disease or Raynaud's Phenomenon
    Dr Rob Hicks
    First described by Maurice Raynaud in 1862, Raynaud's is thought to affect as many as 10 million people in the UK.
    Extreme cases suffering severe pain in the extremities when exposed to temperature change. and can relieve mild arthritis by improving blood flow. The temperature of your hands and feet dramatically affects the ambient body temperature, so keep your extremities warm.

    Optional Extras
    • Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries - 2x 4 Pack (3 plus 1 free)
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    • Duracell Plus AA Batteries - 2x Packs of 4
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    • Panasonic Pro AA Batteries - 2x Packs of 4
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    Selected items will be included with your purchase
    Which batteries should I buy?
    Our research shows that AA Energizer Lithium batteries lasted the longest and reached the highest temperature, beating market-leader Duracell by 4 hours 45 minutes and 3.9°C and previous favourites Panasonic by 3 hours 30 minutes and 7.1°C in total lifespan and peak temperature.

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    How do they work?
    When switched on, the batteries hidden in discreet battery boxes will heat the glove liners up in moments with over 2 hours of hot time from good quality batteries. This time can be dramatically increased if you only have the gloves switched on for short bursts.

    The glove liners are warm and durable without being bulky. Your motorcycle gloves will slip on over them smoothly and comfortably.

    Customer Video Review

    Watch a video review from one of our customers in NL Canada where heated clothing really gets tested to the limits! Please note there is sound with this video review.

    Customer Reviews
    Rating: 5/5

    "Exactly what I wanted"

    Reviewed Monday, 21 March 2016

    Rating: 5/5

    "Keeps hands lovely and warm"

    Reviewed Friday, 12 December 2014

    Rating: 5/5

    "My daughter was delighted with these. They are just what she had been looking for."

    Reviewed Tuesday, 7 January 2014

    Rating: 4/5

    "My son's hands didn't actually get warm but it stopped them getting cold so that was the main thing. Battery pack a bit bulky but does the job"

    Reviewed Monday, 6 January 2014

    Rating: 4/5

    "Expected them to be hotter but, does the job."

    Reviewed Sunday, 5 January 2014

    Rating: 4/5

    "Adequate for the use required"

    Reviewed Friday, 20 December 2013

    Rating: 5/5

    "Very good product that works really well and are at a very competitive price - I can recommend these without hesitation."

    Reviewed Monday, 2 December 2013

    Rating: 4/5

    "Great idea, but uses too many batteries."

    Reviewed Sunday, 30 December 2012

    Rating: 5/5

    "Just as described, keeping my hands warm while on my moped"

    Reviewed Friday, 28 December 2012

    Rating: 5/5


    Reviewed Friday, 28 December 2012

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