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It is difficult to accurately measure how warm our heated clothing gets there are a lot of variables to consider! For instance, ambient temperature, body temperature, the brand of the battery you choose, and even your gender.
We can't do much about the last one, but we've compiled this handy guide to help you get the most out of your heated clobber.

Body Temperature
Ambient Temperature
Battery Brand

The Big Challenge

Don't take our word for it: here's a test you can perform at home.
First use our heated gloves on warm hands. Then remove the gloves, run your hands under the cold tap until they feel positively freezing, dry them, and try the gloves again. Big difference? We think so.

1. Run your hands under cold water
2. Remove hands when very cold
3. Dry your hands
4. Put the gloves on
5. Feel warm!

Ambient Temperature

You may not notice much of an effect if you test your heated item in your cosy living room, but you'll certainly feel the difference if you flick on the heat while standing at the bus stop on a cold morning, or while walking the dog in nippy weather.

Body Temperature

If you've been outside for a while, your body temperature will drop, and blood circulation to your extremities will slow down, making your fingers and toes very sensitive to the cold. The heat generated by our heated gloves, for example, will be immediately noticeable, and will seem much hotter than it would if you had just come from somewhere warm. If you've just left the house, the clothing might not seem very hot, but as you get used to the colder environment and your body temperature begins to drop, the heat will help maintain a comfortable temperature.

Battery Brand

Energizer 9V Battery We at Warmawear have worked hard to balance the length of the battery life with the level of warmth generated, ensuring that you get the best possible performance for the best value.

In our tests, we have found Energizer Lithium batteries unbeatable for combined warmth and longevity.

In addition to this, we recommend you turn your clothing on and off in bursts, to keep you warm while maximising your battery life. This is easily achieved thanks to the convenient on/off switch located on all of our products.

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