Water Blossom Stone Fountain

Code: WF5607
Water Blossom Stone Fountain
Height90 cm( 2 ft 11 in )
Width77 cm( 2 ft 6 in )
Weight161 Kg
Water Blossom Stone Fountain

A beautifully ornate three tier fountain. The tiers, representing petals, allow the water to move over them and into the next tier creating a calming trickling sound.

This fountain is manufactured using a unique form of cast limestone with a surface texture similar to portland stone. In a number of important ways it is markedly superior, one of its greatest advantages being price which, piece for piece, is normally significantly less than that of quarried stone.

Product Specification

Height: 90cm (35.4 inches) Width 77cm (30.3 inches)

Total Weight: 161kg

Recommended pump- 600lph centrepiece pump

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Suitable for outdoor use

Available in 5 different colours:


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