birds_taking_a_bath Are you taking care of your feathered friends?

Garden bird populations are declining at an alarming rate. In the past forty years, more than 60% of house sparrows have disappeared, particularly in large cities. You can help by putting out food and water, to help the remaining birds thrive as best they can. Wild birds need a constant supply of fresh water to drink, bathe, and play in all year round, and you can easily provide that with a bird bath. Our bird baths are perfect for supplying drinking and bathing water to your wild birds.

birds_taking_a_bath While some birds get most of the water they need from their food, some seed-eating birds have very dry diets, and many need to drink at least twice a day to replace lost water. However, birds don't just need to drink; they also use water to bathe in as a part of their feather maintenance. Bathing helps loosen dirt and make their feathers easier to preen. Birds regularly preen to rearrange their feathers for better waterproofing and warmth.

Fountain Frost Free This essential clean water can be very difficult to find as the year goes on; in the winter, natural water sources may be frozen over, and in the summer, natural sources can dry out completely. Sadly, in these difficult times, many birds risk their tiny lives drinking from or trying to bathe in water butts and drinking troughs, and many drown.

A birdbath is an ideal solution. In summer you can always top up the birdbath, and for the winter we sell Fountain Frost-Free, a 100% environmentally friendly and bird-safe method of keeping the water ice free down to -6°C.

The placement of your birdbath is important, as birds are very vulnerable when they bathe. Birds will only use the birdbath if they feel safe, but if it's too tucked away they might not know it's there! You should ensure that birds using your birdbath have a clear line of sight, but that it's sheltered or near enough to bushes that they can fly quickly to safety if they're startled or attacked. You may need to try a couple of different areas in your garden to find the most popular site, as the types of birds who visit your garden will be determined by what is growing in the immediate area.

We offer many different styles of bird bath to suit the chic swift or modern magpie. Many are a combination of bird bath and water fountain, incorporating solar powered lights and beautiful design to encourage guests, either feathered or not, to your garden. Whether your guest is a cheeky chaffinch or a pigeon, you can easily find the best birdbath for them and for you.
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