Water Features

Water features can be fountains, ponds, streams, cascades or waterfalls. Water features can bring a relaxing atmosphere to any space and are also known for their ability to increase air quality and humidity and decrease noise pollution by drowning out noise with the sound of running water.

Our desire for an aquatic scene in our gardens is probably genetic - enjoyment of being within sprinting distance of a climbable tree and copious sparkling water. Hence the evolution of the designer's favourite, the garden water feature. If you were the Duke of Marlborough, you'd have Capability Brown using your serfs to carve out artificial ponds and serpentine lakes to create your relaxing vistas, but Great Uncle Montague blew the family fortune at the bookies, so you, like the rest of us, are now constrained by size and budget.

But at Primrose, budget is not much of a constraint, and your personal taste is no constraint at all. Primrose can offer you with a vast array of classical tiered stone fountains , elegant cascading figurines, contemporary stainless steel walls, natural stone monoliths, rusting corten monstrosities and charming self-contained woodland scenes of babbling brooks and tumbling streams. Your pump can be mains-powered, or you can choose an easily-installed and put-it-anywhere solar water feature or birdbath fountain. Whatever your budget, from a £30 plastic gnome water feature to a £700 bubble fountain, at Primrose you'll have the means to please your genes.

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  • Abstract Sculpture Water Features
  • Animal Water Features
  • Barrel Water Features
  • Bird Baths
  • Bubble Features
  • Buddha Water Features
  • In-Ground Reservoir
  • Cascading Water Features
  • Fire & Water Features
  • Fountains and Sprays
  • Jugs, Vases & Tub Fountains
  • Millstone Water Features
  • Monolith Fountains
  • Mushroom & Toadstool Fountains
  • Rain Water Features
  • Rock Cascade Fountains
  • Pond Spitters
  • Statue & Figurine Water Features
  • Streams, Rivers & Watercourses
  • Topiary Water Features
  • Tree Water Features
  • Vortex Whirlpool
  • Wall Hanging Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Water Feature Planters
  • Whimsical Water Features
  • Wishing Wells
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  • Bowl Water Features
  • Curvy Water Features
  • Sphere Water Features
  • Square/Rectangular Water Features
  • Standing Water Walls
  • Tiered Water Fountains
  • Tubes & Tower Water Features
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  • Tabletop Water Features
  • Small Fountains under 50cm
  • Medium Fountains 50cm - 1m
  • Large Fountains Over 1m
  • Low Water Features
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  • Bamboo Water Features
  • Cast Iron Water Features
  • Bubbling Vases Water Features
  • Copper Water Features
  • Corten Steel Water Features
  • Glass / Acrylic Water Features
  • Resin / Fibreglass Water Features
  • Real Stone Fountains
  • Sandstone, Slate & Granite Water Features
  • Stainless Steel Water Features
  • Stone Touch Stainless Steel Water Features
  • Terracotta Water Features
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  • Outdoor Water Features
  • Indoor Water Features
  • Goes in a pond
  • Ponds & Pond Accessories
  • Wall Hanging Fountains
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  • Ambiente
  • Foras Water Features
  • Kelkay
  • Massarelli
  • Oase
  • Smart Solar
  • Solaray
  • Stowasis
  • Heissner
  • Fluid
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  • View All Pumps
  • Water Feature Accessories
  • Pond and Water Feature Lighting
  • Misters
  • Reservoirs & Sumps
  • Decorative Pebbles and Aggregates

Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 792 View All

Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 792 View All