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Indoor Water Features

Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features come in an enormous range of styles, shapes and sizes. We stock a number of larger, floor-standing water features which are ideal for those with a bit of extra space or even for businesses wanting to create a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere in their office or reception area.

From large fountains and tiered cascades, to water walls and stainless steel water features, we have the widest online selection for you to choose from! For those who have less space yet still want to take advantage of the many benefits of a water feature, our table top water features are the perfect solution and also make great gifts at unbeatable prices.

Our range is constantly updated with new water features and special offers, so check back often to catch our latest deals!

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indoor water featureindoor water feature

The Health Benefits Of Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features add movement and sound into a space and can be used as a centrepiece or accent feature. So, how can an indoor fountain improve your health? Find the health benefits of indoor water features in our guide.

10 Best Water Features for Small Gardens

If you’re limited to indoor space only, you can still find a perfect water feature for it. Take a look at our list of '10 Best Water Features For Small Gardens' for inspiration and guidance.

More on Indoor Water Features

  • Water Features For Feng Shui

    Indoor water features, particularly table top water features, can also be a useful accessory for followers of feng shui as they are not only attractive but are also practical features which can be moved easily around the room, enabling you to find the best spot to create harmony and a balance of energy.

  • How can I install my indoor water feature?

    We always do our best to make sure that our water features are as quick and easy to assemble as possible. Most of our water features are fully self-contained, so are supplied with everything you need to get them started including the pump and the reservoir (which is often contained within the feature). To set up your indoor water feature, simply connect it to your mains power supply and add water, then sit back and enjoy!

    For a detailed guide on how to install a variety of water features, see our Water Feature Installation guide.

  • Indoor Water Features in Miniature

  • Should my water fountain run all the time?